How to log your milage on the water

Hey everyone!

We are ask a lot about how far Christos and I paddle! So we wanted to share this with you today to help you on your adventures! At high tide at Marblehead Harbor, (our kiosk location) it is 3.5 miles to the light house and back. One entire loop (no cheating) around the Harbor is 4 miles. YES YOU HAVE ALL BEEN PUTING IN THE MILES! Most of you paddle casually to landing and back and takes you about an hour:

For Christos and I our longest paddle to date, has been 34 miles Welfleet to Plymouth for the Cape Cod Bay Challenge.

For 2016 we will have many more  paddle adventure opportunities for you to experience with us! (so exciting) We will have scheduled meet-ups for courses that we have planned for all of you. Different courses, destinations and adventures to be had! Memories to be made and maybe even accomplish some of your own personal paddle goals. And we are here to see you SUCCEED! If you have your own board your are welcome to join us on these meet ups as well! The more stoke the better!

Or maybe you may even start to think about joining our paddle team for 2016! All levels are welcome! We will have more info on our 2016 paddle team in our future blog posts!  For now do us a favor, download this app on your I-tunes for 99cents and start logging those miles! Remember just keep paddling!!!!

quick note:

Safety recommendations:

-if you are going out alone let someone know the course you are planning to paddle

-we always recommend having a paddle buddy (best option)


-PDF (get the one that goes around your waste like and old school fanny back and wear it)

-bring your phone (for music or to keep on you so if you are lost we can find you!)



-eat a healthy meal and make sure you have a enough protein


How to log your milage on the water

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