Feels like Fall


This Morning we woke up and felt that Fall weather in the air and realized today would be a good day to let you guys know what we do in the off season to stay Paddle Fit all year long!

I grew up playing soccer as my main sport, but have been a fitness enthusiast all my life. I was that girl who went spinning in the am before school, had soccer practice after school, then had to go home and do a sprint and weight workout my coach had left for me after practice. Working out, staying fit, being active, eating healthy and training  is a life style for me not a chore. Growing up in the east coast the only water sports I was into was sailing and recreational swimming. I got into paddling in my early 20’s while living out in Cali, Hawaii, and Florida. When all your friends SURF, paddling was a way for me to keep up with them!!!!  After getting hit by a Cadillac SUV while out for my daily bike ride and losing about 2 years of my life to major injuries. I didn’t really know if I was going to ever be able to use my right arm again, walk right or to pretty much do anything. I was in rehabilitation getting my body back for those 2 very long soul searching years that felt like a life time. I couldn’t run, bike, kick box, lift, couldn’t  really do much. As I started to heal I paddled alot.  I didn’t realize how many miles I was putting in and how much stronger I was getting. You could say that paddling and the ocean brought me back to life. Its been 8 years since that accident and each paddle stroke got me my grove back.  Today we are going into our 6th season of Sup East Coast style 2016,  3rd year of Paddle Fitness Off season training and 2nd season of being an Ambassador for Rogue  Stand Up Paddle (www.roguesup.com) Life time #restoker!  Here is our indoor classes I teach  to keep paddle fit or just fit all winter long.  #playhardpaddleharder

My Fall Schedule: (Its all about cardio, strength training and nutrition)

Why do I paddle?

Why push harder?

Why work out?

Because I can. Whats your excuse?

“clear eyes, full hearts, cant loose” coach taylor

(ps. Are you are starting to ask yourself if you want to join the  2016 paddle team? Take your game to the next level?  And asking yourself what you you should do to get started? Joining us for our off season classes is a start! Details on the Sup East Coast Style 2016 Paddle team will be in future blogs and coming out very soon. For now get join us for classes! If you want a little info on our team now, shoot us an email at supeastcoaststyle@gmail.com

Our commiment to you is: We will train yo,work hard for you just like our coaches do for us! A big thank you to our own off season coaches at Team bodiphat to kicking our booties and keeping us in check so we can kick yours🏄)

Feels like Fall

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