10 SUP tips to re-share with you!

tips for sup

While reading one of our favorite blogs @distressedmullet, (by the way become a fan of there blog today if you don’t follow it already)  We really liked this post and wanted to pass along  the information to you! Thats what we do best! Spread that stoke! We feel a strong sense of responsibility as part of our our job, to educate you and get you all the information you need to make your paddle experience with us the best it can be! We spend a lot of time researching products, trying new products,  training ourselves and with other coaches and athletes. We take clinics when ever possible, and train all year round.  We train hard and work hard to make sure you have all that you need on and off the water. You can never have enough knowledge, strength and FUN! We want you to have the best paddle experience, with the right equipment and as much information as we can share with you.  So for today read these 10 helpful tips from paddlers all over the world and incorporate them into your own practice!

#playhardpaddleharder #secs2016 #liveitloveitsupit

10 SUP tips to re-share with you!

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