Sup Yoga 


“I am practicing mindfulness,compassion and loving kindness so don’t piss me off” 🙂 

We love our sup yogi’s and we welcome all ages and sizes! Yoga is not about how bendy you are or how good you look. It is a state of mind and and energy to be shared with others. Yoga is a gift, a blessing a place for you to LET IT GO🙏🏽We love when you leave your matte and try yoga on water. The element of water, sun and surrendering to Mother Nature is powerful. No matter what your skill level is, yoga on the board forces you to fall in love with a pose all over again. It has you connect and trust yourself in ways you may have not even thought possible. You are forced to let go and be one with your board and the Mother Nature. The wind can pick up, a boat can drive by and make waves, all while your just trying to nail that pose. To perfect that pose, to not make a mistake and hold on so tightly to do it it right. When really once you let go and maybe even sometimes, accidentally take a dip in the sea, well it’s all is still good.  As we enter in to the fall we reflect on what a lovely SUP YOGA season we had and we appreciate so much that we got to share it with all of you! For SUPtember we do not have scheduled classes, however we still will be booking for privates, duets and groups upon request.  If it’s still on your bucket list then we will see you for season 6 2016 namaste bitches ✌🏽️

Ps. It’s simply the best shavanssa and a must try if you haven’t yet………

Be who you are 

Be true to yourself 

Be good to yourself 

Trust the process 

Let it go 

(Check the website closer to the new year for the 2016 sup yoga schedule calendar page)

Sup Yoga 

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