Tips for the holidays from us for you! 

I know what your thinking…..and we agree! But the reality is we know some of you plan and shop smart! And we know all of you love a great deal!

As you know we have one of the largest rental fleets around and that gives you access to a ton of used inventory to purchase. It allows you to get a great board that has been broken in already with a lot of love and stoke! The thing about a used board is you have to look at it like this, it’s kinda like buying a used car, you don’t have to go through that feeling when you spill your first coffee and get a stain, the rock comes flying at your windshield and you have to replace the window or your first scratch on the car. The used board already has gone through all that😊  but still has a lot of miles and love left to give. We also sell new boards, that we have on hand, or  we will dropship right to you! In addition we have partnerships with our favorite local stores, Cape Anne paddle (if you haven’t been by the cutest board barn ever get your but up there and make the time to shop and go for a paddle while your there exploring) and Full Moon Paddle Board. We just love doing business with these two shops! They have that vibe that works with our tribe 😎

Let’s talk holiday shop, here’s the deal:

As long as the weather stays nice you can come and demo anything before you make your purchase, just message us that you want to set up time to demo.

(Text is best 9788822109, email or Facebook message us)

Don’t want to drop the full amount right now,  no problem!  Make payments with our layaway plan:

On any board you just have to put down a deposit ( the deposit is non refundable but you will not be out anything if you decide not to purchase the board, we will keep your payment on file as a credit to use with us during season. The credit can be used for any of our paddle services)

Simple as that! Come check out what we have for you. We have boards starting as low as 265$ and up!

Make the ones you love this holiday season so happy with the gift of being able to have fantastic adventures all summer long on the water. We look forward to all of you taking advantage of the layaway payment program. We also have gift certificates, new and used paddles, leashes and a few accessories to purchase as well! That concludes our holiday shopping tips for the season!

Happy holiday shopping!

Tips for the holidays from us for you! 

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