The Buddy System 

  Let’s talk about the buddy system and why we are a huge fan of this and reccomended it to all of you! On and off the water.

We wanted to talk about this now because we are getting a lot of phone messages this time for people looking to go out on the water and us having to say no to a lot of beginners simply for  safety reasons. At this time of year, (the fall and our off season here in New England) we operate by reservation only or will will post on our Facebook page when we are open if we get one of those fabulous fall days. The reasons for this is weather, and demand. As the winds pick up this time of year out of no where!!! We also require all new paddlers to take a lesson/sup 101 at this point in the season, as we are not just offering rentals to inexperienced paddlers. At this time of year we also sell a lot of new and used boards and this message is also for the people who all ready own their own boards, FIND A BUDDY. If you can’t find one then Christos and I will be your buddies 😊 What do we mean by find a buddy, it’s real simple. When it comes to paddling and taking off on an adventure on your own just make sure you tell someone where you are paddling. The buddy system also is a great tool to use on and off the water. We are GOAL DIGGERS and we hold each accountable for this. When we paddle together, when we are training for a race, we use the buddy system. When we are training together we tell someone, or when we are off on our individual water adventures we tell one anthor. We also advocate to use the buddy system for things like working out, meal preps, anything really you need to be held accountable for  your buddy will keep you on point.  The buddy system is simple and great communication tool, a way to stay safe on the water and hold each other accountable in your life’s ambitions and goals you have set for yourself. Stay safe out m on the water and ambitious on land.

The Buddy System 

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