Swag for Fall paddles 


Yesterday was a sad day at our household as my wall of bikinis went back into a basket, tucked back in my closet and was replaced with the wall of scarfs and beannie’s. That also means it’s time to break out the booties! What are booties? Well let us share with you your must have piece of equipment for paddling for fall. At this time of year people always are shocked and surprised that, yes we are still on the water! Your must have for your fall paddles are booties! Go down to your local shop and grab a pair before you just order online! Shopping local is always best! We wear our booties, and if you want a pair of gloves to match that is always a great option too. For me it’s just like when I’m skiing, my feet and hands simply can not get cold!! Or then it’s just no fun for me.  On your body, we dress like we are going for a run in the winter. Favorites are lulu lemons, that can tuck right into your bootie, and a warm coat or vest with a beanie. Christos usually wears no booties, (he just rolls his pants up) a hoodie, with a beanie. (That’s his style, hard core, I like to be warm😎) Now that your dressed for a fall paddle,go enjoy the beautiful foliage from the water. 

Swag for Fall paddles 

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