Storage Options 

We are always asked, where and how do I store my board!

Well there are several options to mount your board. If your anything like us your going to want to look at your board all year round and have it on the wall or ceiling of your house! (Also makes it easy access to grab and go for a paddle😎) 

We know that may not be everyone’s style and most of you are going to have a garage or shed that you will need some shelving for. We do not reccomend leaving them outside under your deck all year long in the snow.

If you not have a place to get your boards off the ground we reccomend a yoga matte or go to Home Depot and grab the black or gray matte that have holes in them. (Easy to clean and sweep the sand with matte with the holes in them for the summer time) Lean the boards on the rails and place on matte. If you have more then one board stack them together and maybe place. Beach towel in between to the risk for scratches is less. ( a bag for your board is always a great gift for the holiday season 😉 hint hint) 
Below is a picture of different ways to rack your board.   And yes you can stack them on top of each other! 

Anthor option for you is that we provide ago forbade storage and service options for you: 

Price menu for storage:
Summer storage per board 

3 month 199

2 month 150

1 month 125

Full year storage per board 

Have more then one board we will discount 25$ off each board 

Storage Options 

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