Care Tips for New Owners:) You just bought your first Standup Paddleboard!  Congratulations!  It is an amazing gift to give yourself or to someone! It is also an investment so lets take care of your board properly!   It is important to understand how to properly care for your board,  keep it watertight and functioning as you want to be able to paddle whenever you want  with the least amount of maintenance.  That being said, I have put together a few tips for you to follow.

7 Tips For New SUP Owners

1. Buy a board bag!  This is really important!  Look for one that fits your board well. I recommend getting it from the same company that made your board as it will be a seamless fit!  Or you can get a custom bag and make it your own!  Here is one we are familiar with, vitaminblue.com/product/customboardbag-made-in-u-s-a/2. 

3. Loading your board! When it is summer and you come visit us at our Marblehead kiosk location please don’t hesitate to ask us to help load your board! That being said when we are not there ladies, put a step stool in the car ( thanks Lisa Sugarman for that tip!) Be mindful when its windy of how you load the board onto your rig, Christos and I learned that hard way and got blown off our rig in 2011, board hit the cement, a few words exchanged but all in all we were ok!MORE IMPORTANTLY OUR BOARD WAS TOO! (that was a little couples moment, lessons learned and now great to share with all of you so you don’t learn the hard way!) The best way is to have two people place the board on top of the vehicle, one at the nose and one at the tail. Remember the fin goes over your head:)))))

4. While out for your paddle be mindful of your surroundings, whats around you and under you as all rocks are not marked off for SUP! Look out for those rocks!

5. After you paddle take a minute to check out your board, make sure you don’t have any dings that could let water into your board, if you do, give us a shout! Also is super helpful to hose off your board with fresh water. If your not around fresh water I have actually seen my paddle friend take all her boards to the self serve car wash station and give them a a good wash down there!

6. SUNSHINE! we love it but your board not so much…. don’t leave your board in the sun for extended periods of time. Anther reason to get that board bag but if you don’t have one and keep your board on the roof of your car, then grab board SPF. This product can be picked up at most marine shops!

7. Last and not least if you have any questions ask us! We are here for you always 9788822109 text is best or shoot us an email at supeastcoaststyle@gmail.com


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