Spotlight on SUP instructor Danile Jacobs! to find all her classes!  
Danielle has been with us since the very start of SUP East Coast Style. Danielle trained the first season in 2010 all summer. There wasn’t really a day that summer that Danielle wasn’t on the water.  Christos and I were dropping boards to her even sometimes twice a day! She was hooked! She was on a board every second of summer that she had to spare. In 2011 after paddling her heart out all summer in 2010 she launched our SUP Yoga program with us. Boy was she and the class a big hit! In later years Danielle’s son, Drew also joined us for a summer job helping out with paddle instructing and stepped in on some yoga classes as well making Sup East Coast Style a true family affair. Danielle’s practice is so very special. She always teaches with the biggest smile that lights up her practice. Her smile radiates the energy in all of her classes and you always feel simply amazing when you leave. Danielle also has a way of developing connections with all of her students making each one feel like their the only one. She has people come out of state every summer just to take her class! Truly special. If you miss her on the ocean catch her on her many land classes during the off season! The link to her off season scedule is at the top of the page above the first photo😊Here is a list of the studios you can find her at ✌🏽️

Jcc: Marblehead 

Yoga Sakti: Salem 

Prema: Marblehead 

Solstice: Lynfield (the link to lead you to her classes and more about D is at the top of the page😊) 

Also on anther note Danielle is involved with many charities, her main charity was created when she lost her dear friend. Please check out the link below and help support. Thank you! Peace love and light
We love you D and thanks for all you do and bring to Sup East Coast Style💖


Spotlight on SUP instructor Danile Jacobs! 

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