Bring  The BURN

 Meet SUP instructors Beth and Amy  
 Beth has a hard core style. She is small but fierce and knows how to make it BURN oh so good! You can find her in the summer walking the beautiful Marblehead neck, running, paddling and enjoying all the outdoors has to offer! She is fit all year long! Beth is great at bringing groups of people together and giving them a kick ass class on or off land! She is also a pleasure to work with! We love having her on board at SUP East Coast Style. During the off season you can find her teaching at BURN Marblehead.  She has a mean core conditioning class Monday nights from 6-7pm. New session starting in the New year. Along with p90x and spinning. Just like for paddle she is also available to teach for private sessions or small groups. New Spinning/Core classes coming in the new year so don’t miss out!

Meet Amy Livermore the owner of Burn Marblehead. Amy was on the water with us in 2011 as a SUP fitness Intructor.  As a certified WSUPA Intructor she killed it on the board every time! As her studio got busyier Amy has slipped into more of an amassbasdor role for us and is a huge asset to the team. You can still find her paddling with her friends and family all summer. She is always ready to sub a class and you just never know when she is going to call up, request 30 or so boards to teach a workshop with a 5 minute warning. 😊She also plays a major role for us at Paddle for Plummer, our charity race. Not only does she teach a kick ass spin class for us at the event, she donated her spin bikes from. Her studio to make the spin part of the event happen for us. After she teaches her spin class she hits the water with her paddle team that fundraisers for the event. She donates so much of her own time to make  the event the best that it can be!  Amy is a fitness guru, a team player and cheerleader for everyone. You can catch her at all year round at the her studio, BURN Marblehead kicking ass and taking names. In the summer you can find her with her dog Larry visiting us daily at paddle and you always be in the look out for a surprise paddle class! She keeps us on our toes! 

Bring  The BURN

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