Christos and I wanted to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a happy thanksgiving! We are so grateful and so blessed to be able to share the journey of SUP East Coast Style with all of you. Thank you for your business, the memories and being a part of our SUP family. It may be a bit chilly outside and yes you can find us out paddling but we are also getting ready for the tradition of football! Sup instructor Jeff Stern of Marblehead high will be taking the field this Thanksgiving and his friends and buddies of SECS will be there to cheer him on! Go Jeff! And yes being from Marblehead (Leah) that’s who we are rooting for! Go headers!!! 

We are working hard and looking forward to making SUP season 5, 2016 the best for everyone! For all of you that haven’t paddled with us yet and for all of you returning we are so looking forward to season. Paddle has brought so many of us together, we have met so many people, families, and your dogs from all over and we cheerish each and everyone of our encounters. We simply love sharing our stoke, passion and love for paddle, and life with the community. We have been blessed with the opportunity to watch this sport and community blossom in ways we never dreamed possible in the past 5 years. We have watched you all grow with us and we can’t wait to have you join us for all the paddle opportunities, adventures and memories to have together next season. Do you think you’re ready to join paddle team Sup East Coast Style? We sure think you are!!!!(stay tuned for those details coming out soon in future blogs but if you simply can’t wait shoot us an email)   Or you need a summer job and want to join our sup family? we have at least 8 spots to fill! So while your home over break its never to early to apply! (We like pro-active people so email 

So in the spirit of Happy thanksgiving, happy turkey day to each and every one of you as you all hold such a special place in our hearts. We are grateful to learn from you, grow with you and make endless memories with you. Don’t ever quit or let anyone or thing get in your way! Thanks for letting us share with you some of the things we are grateful for. Now Take this time to reflect on what your grateful for and feel free to share with us! #liveitloveitsupit Thank you from the bottom of of our hearts💞 

 #paddleeverydamnday #secs2016 #playhardpaddleharder #domoretakeless 

Leah and Tost 


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