Gratitude: Especially during the Winter Months for ME!


 I never really had anxiety or stress about the day to day grind until recently. Other wise known for me as the Winter Blues. Call it Anxiety,stress whatever works for you. And for those who don’t just have seasonal bumminess like me, I hope this helps. I think as we get older things become way to serious and we tend to loose a little of the that child like spirit, get caught up in that day to day grind and before you know it feels a little bit to much like ground hog day.  So when I have “anxiety” about my goals, my plans, my business, or life in general I try my best to breathe, take a step  back and  interrupt with gratitude. “There” or “when” don’t actually exist, so creating anxiety over them is super counterproductive. This is a constant struggle for me as my work is to stay present to the moment. That can get difficult,especially during the winter for me.  So many of us loose a little bit of our sparkle during the winter and I wanted to write this to let you all know you are not alone! Our  present moment will ALWAYS be our current reality and what defines us is how we choose to face things. Yes life is about balance but it is not a flat road or calm sea all the time. We have to learn how to climb the mountains and ride the waves the best we can. This is when it helps to find the gratitude in our present moment, in the darkest of dark moments and the brightest of bright moments, we can always be grateful.  The present is a gift, each day or moment an opportunity to create/master/reflect/feel what we later intend to fully embrace, become, do, or experience!  The saying life happens when your to busy making plans, well take a moment to ponder that over then step out of the future and  conquer the NOW.   
Stay warm
Be Present
“Everything is perfect, nothing is permanent” Dharma Mittra
Sending you all love and light
Gratitude: Especially during the Winter Months for ME!

One thought on “Gratitude: Especially during the Winter Months for ME!

  1. Veronica says:

    Thanks for that Leah-it’s too cold to paddle and I’m swamped with my season and looking forward to warm weather and SUPing. Your note came just in time-thanks! Be warm!

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