Take that adventure……

The world is a big, big place with endless opportunities, people, places, and things to be discovered.  In addition to the experience and taking in every little lesson the adventure brings, you can come back and can share that stoke with others. All while making wonderful memories that refuel your soul and spirit. Christos and I plan our adventures around paddle.  On this adventure we started off spending time in southern cali with our friends and hit up a spectacular  workshop to expand our skills in ding repair (check out the website for the exspainsion of Sup East Coast Stlye, http://www.supeastcoaststyle.com and click ding repair ). Then we were off to oahu and we wanted to share with you some sup travel tips and treasures we found along the way. 

When booking your flights, you want to make sure that the airline can accommodate your board and if you travel on a budget it’s also helpful to do some research on what each flight charges for the extra bag or board. For this trip we decided to bring our inflatable 12’6 race board by rogue and the 10’6 joyride inflatable by red co. Well let me tell you I ate a lot of water and had to charge lots of waves on my rouge! The fun part is that every place we go, the water is always an adventure in itself. This island has major surf as we enjoyed checking out the big wave pipeline contest on north shore. When paddling around the island it’s semi flat water that turns into surf real, real quick. Christos enjoyed way to much me falling, a lot and captured it on camera. (Thanks babe😆)  

 When your looking for places to travel and paddle, you may want to check out if there are guided tours, inlets bays, just in case you don’t want any wave action. This was the first place we have been too where it was both waves and flat, without and long scenic routes when you can paddle for miles in end, which is my personal favorite. It is a lot of  gorgeous open ocean and sea animal friends. But man to surf a bit and fall was really fun. Christos went longboard surfing with our friends but the waves were to big for me! 

So in a nutshell when choosing the board your want to travel with you may want to read about the type of conditions you are going to be in  so you bring the ride with you. 

Inflatables are an awsome board to travel with and they pretty much go every where with us when we go far distances. When we wanted to hike to those secret spots, they make it really easy to travel with. And ladies, you can totally sneak extra shoes, cloths , bikinis whatever  extra you want to pack! 

Let’s talk about the paddle….. So I’m kinda known to do go over and above getting whatever our clients need or wants, which sometimes means selling our own gear. I may or may not do this to my husband often but then quickly replace it with the latest model. It’s a win win in my book🙌🏽  For this trip, I may have forget to re-stock up on our travel paddles (oops) and it was to late to ship our other paddles. When it comes to paddles, you can ship them to where you are going, or rent them from one of the local shops which generally isn’t to pricey but you just are usually offered the standard adjustable paddle.  Renting also supports your local shops which we love to do!  Anthor  win win. Your other option is the three piece  paddle. 
As we paddled and explored all that the island had to offer by land and sea we couldn’t help but love all the art that surrounded us. One of my all time favorite artists happens  to live  on the island and we got to bring back some of her treasures for all of you! (She also happens to be the designer of our logo and one of my best friends, who I was luckily enough to be blessed with in my adventures of 2006) Miss. Kelly Patrick also known as KMFP. Currently we have her art work on these amazing bags, with so many different works of art on them, that can be used for makeup, the beach, travel or even a night out.  We also have to share with you is her custom design mermaid beach towel which you can only get here or on the island!  

Travel, adventure, treasures, art, love, friends, nature’s gifts, there is so much to experience because life is meant to be lived in our eyes. We hope this inspires you to book that trip, take that adventure or maybe ask that someone who have been crushing out for Valentine’s Day. 💞  

Sometimes we loose perspective and think more about what we don’t have then what we do have. Taking the time to give to yourself is incredibly important. We wish you light, love and abundance this Valentine’s Day. Now book the dam adventure! ✌🏽️ 
#liveitloveitsupit #secs2016


Take that adventure……

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