Accessory Paddle Stoke!


Do you want to know what the best part is about paddling!? Paddling with others, meeting fellow paddlers and sharing that stoke where ever you go! Who is your favorite person to paddle with? Or maybe its your furry friend! We found these gems and wanted to share  this great item for all you sup lovers, sup couples, sup athletes and supSTOKERS, out there. These are great for all your paddles and travels!  Check out the links! (There also great for your gym time too!!!!)

camohot pink.jpg

Christos is always super nervous when I rock my bling in the water and Im always super bummed when he leaves his at home!!!! Well here is a little product that gives us a win win! Here a few other items and accessories for you to take with you on your adventures:

Dry bag: for safety and photos to capture your adventure!


camel pacl

Or if you don’t want to wear a back pack (fyi:  you can stuff a peanut butter sandwiches in, energy gummies, a bar or have snacks for those long paddles! Also great for our little campers to have to) You can always use a carbinar clip and water bottle. We like to freeze ours the night before and then just clip on to your board and go!


Furry our furry fiends! Get them a life jacket! so much easier and safer to pull them back up on board!

susan and dogjackie




Who ever you paddle with, the most important thing of all, HAVE FUN!

#liveitloveitsupit #secs2016 #spreadthestoke







Accessory Paddle Stoke!

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