Life is Playful



Life is playful, if we allow ourselves to go with the flow. We find ourselves holding on to the past, to thoughts,feelings, words, actions, traumas, memories good and bad  when we just need to let go of the judgement of it all. The what ifs and the worrying about what the world thinks. We sometimes get that feeling of  getting  stuck, almost as if is like experiencing  that groundhog day effect (yuck). Im not loosing weight, I’m not making enough money, I’m going to be single forever, this is all energy that  effects our daily life.  Shutting down that noise can be exhausting so if we try excepting that noise and do our best to work with it and not against it, I find it helpful. By land or sea, if work against that big wave you will get kicked off your board! And if you always take a flat rode you will never experience the feeling of  accomplishment that you owned that giant hill and feel the  thrill of speeding down the other side. You have let go and set free all that was in your way at that very moment, a thing I like to call mental toughness. Using that mental toughness to do that last rep, give your all in my sprints we do in class or increase your weight. If you dont’ tap into you then  you will stay in that same place you are wanting to change and that noise that surrounds you wont get any softer.  The noise is there to teach us and my belief is that the more energy you can put towards a healthy way of living the better your day to day life can and will be. At least for me this means being stronger then our excuses and that god awful noise that sometimes just wont quit.  This is one of the many reason why I love the practice of the fit and healthy lifestyle. My work on and off the water is to help others spread and find there stoke.  I love when people are in my classes on and off the water. You all inspire me. I love that we all work together to push each other to reach that next level, to go further and do more!  I m all about team work makes the dream work. If we hold each other accountable, learn and support each other that noise will quite down, the weight will come off, the job or partner in life will seem more real then the day before. Put out the good vibes, trust the process, learn from your worst enemy and your loudest noise. I believe Inspiration is everywhere, and I enjoy learning from all my peers and helping you tap into your stoke the best I can. Thank you and  for always reminding me of this and inspiring me!

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” sex and the city


Life is Playful

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