July 15th sign up for a Sup Clinic in your own backyard while supporting the Plummer Home…🌞🤘🏽🏄

Are you new to SUP? Do you wish you could paddle faster? Are you battling aches and pains when paddling (cramped feet or tendonitis)? Have you seen how smoothly the pros paddle and wished you could paddle like that or at least improve your technique a little…
Guess what…you can!?!?!
One of Christos and my favorite things to do when we travel to SUP events or places to paddle is take as many clinics as we possibly can. We have never walked away saying that it was a bad idea and usually learn something new!
Paddle for Plummer has been blessed in the past with clinics featuring athletes like Dan Gavere, Harmony Dawn and our very own local stud Johnny O’Hara (who has been a huge asset to our committee as well this year–thank you!)

This year you have the privilege of choosing between a beginner paddle clinic with Johnny, or you can check out our new addition–an advanced clinic taught by super, gnarly athlete 🌸Stephanie Shideler. Stephanie comes to us highly recommended and we simply can’t wait to drool over her technique and learn from this goddess!

So, what are you waiting for? Click this link and sign up for one of these July 15 clinics today!

Wait, there’s more?

Beer🍻 Food 🍿 And friends🤘🏽(Non-alcoholic beverages too)

The food has been sponsored by my dear friends and colleagues Matt and Justin Mattera! You will be enjoying some killer sandwiches from their restaurant in Pickering Wharf right here in Salem–Longboards. And some sweet treats that are a perfect snack with an ice cold brew, POPPED!popcorn. If you haven’t had the pleasure of popping in yet, do yourself a favor and pop in! I’m still waiting for Justin to make me a scented popped candle! (heavenly)
Now that we have planned out the best way to kick off your weekend, join us this Friday for a SUP clinic and then register for Paddle for Plummer to show off your newly honed skills!

#secs2016 #pfp16 #liveitloveitsupit #domoretakeless

July 15th sign up for a Sup Clinic in your own backyard while supporting the Plummer Home…🌞🤘🏽🏄

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