Yes I blew up your news feed! 

Yesterday I may have blown up Your newsfeed because I figured out how to work the live button on Facebook! And there was no better day to play with it then at paddle for Plummer!!!!!!! 

Where do we begin! Three years ago my girl Ashley Steeves dropped my name at the Plummer Home and I was lucky enough to have the Plummer home trust me in joining their team. 

Each and every year this event just gets better and better! Thank you for making me feel like a movie star that gets to write and reflect on how many people there are to thank because there is just so many fantastic people and places that I don’t want to miss a thing!!! 

First to the Plummer Home for allowing and honoring me with the task of creating this event. This particular charity just is so near and dear to my heart and paddling with and for kids is just the best feeling ever. To Caroline Laramie, my friend and fellow diva stoker, you’re just striaght bad ass! Thank you for connecting us to Melanine Mckinin! To Melanie Mckinin, It Starts with me and Kerry Larmie, thank you for adding energy, even more fun, and a fantastic  land vibe with the bean bag tournament! 

To Amy Livermore, my friend, mentor, queen bee and kick ass chick!! For your third year in sponsoring the spin classes and event. You are so special thank you. 

To Anna Laste for being a constant balance in my life and sharing her passion, energy and spirit with the Plummer home with her healing yoga. You’re a gem.

To all of the industry paddle places, from our local stores that donated raffle items, hung our posters, spread the word to their clients thank you. Especially a Big shout out to Cape Ann SUP. Annilese you are simply sunshine🌞 my mermaid friend. And thank you DOM!!!!

Marc and kialoa paddles, what more can I say then simply thank you for working with me and making my vision come to light for these kids. 

Johhny O, 

There aren’t enough words and hugs to go around! You are a gift to Plummer home, to me, to my team. I can’t believe it was 7 years ago that we met in the middle of the ocean. You’re a  true leader in the industry and I look forward to making so many more memories with you! 😎 Thank you for all your support personally and professionally we and your sponsors are so incredibly lucky to have you! Which leads me to Boga Stand up Paddle boards sponsorship and incredible donation! 

To Rogue Standup paddle boards and Rick Carr, thank you for your sponsorship and Board donation to our event this year. And on a personal note It has been my pleasure working with you since 2009. You have been so good to me and I am so proud to be an ambassador for Rogue. To my own sponsors, newfsurfboard and Restoke, thank you for your ongoing support! 
And a special thanks to a new sponsor, Werner paddles, who I am incredibly excited to have on board and to do some great work together in the future! Your Friday night clinics were a huge hit. The endless support on social media and excitement you had for being here the first time simply warmed my heart.  Danny you are amazing at your job and a power house on that water!!!!! Beast mode💪🏾🏄😎

And thank you for bringing us the sweetest person on earth, killer coach and insane paddler Stephanie! Girl I can’t wait to paddle with you again!!!!! Thank you for an amazing clinic and congrats on your #1 podium spot!!! 

To all my old and new mermaid and merman friends that came from all over! Eveyln, Michele, Veronica, Terry, Andrew, Kim,  New York, Ohio, Vermont, Maine Nh! You know who are thank you! 

(Terry I can’t wait for that rematch next year 😜)

To my race team, you guys trained hard, and it paid off! 1st in men’s 12.6 elite and 1st and 2nd   Women’s Rec race!!! Holy smokes!!!! I am beyond proud of each and every one of you!!!! Congrats to Amy, Scott and Ashley! The journey has just begun!!!! I am so proud to be your coach!!!!!! 

Finally, To my staff at sup east coast style, your a well oiled machine!!! And Christos and I appreciate all the work you do!!!!! #liveitloveitsup #secs2016 #pfp16

Thank you to B&S fitness aka Brandi, Steve and Amanda, thank you to Wayne and the harbor master. All the volunteers and  Each and everyone one of you who had anything to do with yesterday, thank you!  And we can’t wait to do it all over over again next year! #pfp17 here we come!!!!!! 

And of course to my partner in crime, my hubby 😘 thanks for rocking out this crazy thing called life with me💋


Yes I blew up your news feed! 

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