What A Weekend! 

What a way to kick off a fantastic weekend! At this time of year the winds Pick up, you see the surf kick up and why? Because it’s hurricane season and time to catch some waves. And that’s exactly what we did with Cape Anne Sup! And boy do they know how do it right! #somuchstoke🤘🏽

We kicked off the weekend with members of team Sup East Coast Style and went out for a group Sup Surf lesson with our friends at Cape Anne Paddle.   First of all watching Dom and Annilese (owners of Cape Anne Sup)  on the water is simply magical and incredible to watch. They, as I like to say, dance with the water so beautifully. It was really so special to learn from such amazing instructors and people inside and out! Our group had a fabulous time, learned so much. We all cannot wait to do it again and are 100% hooked! A lot of you may be surprised, but for me it was my first time SUP Surfing and I was completely out of my comfort zone! It has been on my bucket list as I have always been so envious, intrigued and in complete awe of all my surfer friends. Shocking right,  that I have never surfed before.  Ask me to paddle across open ocean,  leg press a ridiculous amount,  jump a 360 on my Surfset board, pretty much up for everything when it comes to sports,fitness  and challenges. I’m game. I’ve never been the girl to sit on the sidelines in any sport, but when it came to surfing I had this little voice of fear in my head. I’ve been a flat water paddler for many years now in all different types of water, terrain and challenges but when it came to surfing well I had never done it and was a bit nervous😬.  Intructor Annilese made that little voice in my head not be so loud and assured me by saying……”P.s. no judgement being passed. There’s only one way to start ☺”  and for some reason that was all I needed to hear to quiet that fear inside me. Thanks Girl!!!! And just like that, I caught my first two waves and that feeling is AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to do it again and again and again! I also found it to be a fantastic cross training workout and look forward to implementing this cross training not only for my own workouts and training but also for our race team. 

If any of you want to take a lesson, bring a group or sign up your kid next year for surf/ Sup surfing lessons/ camp/ programs, get in touch with Cape Anne Paddle. They do a ton of other stuff too and have the cutest shop called the Board Barn. Do yourself a favor and stop by! That’s where I get all my mermaid swag that you all love so much! 

After a fantastic night of surfing…. We ended the weeknd with our 6th Annual Costume paddle.  All though Mother Nature had the wind kicking a bit, the air temp and water was warm and the Rain held off! Thanks to everyone who came out you paddled hard against that wind and had so much fun. We enjoyed all the costumes  so much and you definitely earned your cupcakes! We had such a blast, Thank you! 


#liveitloveitsupit #secs2016 #itsalifestyle

What A Weekend! 

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