November 25th #shopsmall


“I learned that the richness of life is found in adventure. . . . It develops self-reliance and independence. Life then teems with excitement. There is stagnation only in security.” — William Orville Douglas

Our clients, friends at @DNTUlimit (pictured below) we met through Stand Up Paddle. We have done some great work together and love these two adventure seekers. They purchased RedCo Inflatable Sups from us as it fit there needs for work/life balance perfectly. We have so enjoyed watching there adventures with there Sups! (Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us!)


Inflatbles have come a long way since they first hit the market. At first Christos and I added a few to the fleet but waited as we knew the industry had more then what was first put out. For the past 3-4 years the inflatable scene has grown tremendously along with their products. Our go to lines are RedCo and 360 Go Anywhere. Both lines are fantastic for so many different reasons! RedCo has an incredible full line up. (We are really digging the NEW colors too💜) They have also been a big supporter of my Sup Charity Event, Paddle For Plummer. If you missed the dragon board races, you missed out on way to much fun! The 360 brand is a small operation out of California with a heart of gold. The 360’s are perfect for your kids and your whole family. The size and shapes of the board make it so if you don’t want to just get a kids boards, you don’t have too! These are also super fun surf waves or ride rivers with. The 9’8 was our go to board for summer fun! (Lolo💛 Loved it too!)


With the holiday season right around the corner, we have made everything easy for the adventurer, mermaid and merman in your life. Or maybe you want to join in on all the awesomeness, well we have that covered too! If your anything like our friends @DNUlimit, then the ISups are a perfect option for you,(inflatable boards). Christos and I take them every time we get on a plane! And ladies, if your an over packer you can so use your board bag carrier for some extra whatever!!!!! ISups are also great if living space doesn’t have that much storage space. Our customers also love ISups for for a great board that really complainants the boating community. Easy to have on a boat, great for all your friends and family to use as well as have the kids pile onto!!!  IMG_3130    The board brands that we carry are:

RedCo IMG_3187.JPG

360 Go Anywhere IMG_0839








One IMG_3196.JPG


For the rest of our brands, products and goodies please visit our wesbsite:       

You can also shop right from the website in our online store, where you can view everything that we carry on the paddle boutique. Gift cards are available online as well.   If you can’t join us for #Shopsmall Saturday, November 25th, don’t worry! All the deals will be listed online for you this week to purchase on shop small Saturday. (See we told you we made it easy for you💁🏽🕺🏽👍🏾)

If you have caught what we like to call the “SupBug” and don’t just want to paddle in the summer with us….( I know we miss you all too!) We have been running workshops, day or overnight retreats near and far for “off season paddling” What does this mean🤔 paddling in the cold weather months here in New England, and it’s really magical. There’s seal sitings and a stillness of calming energy you simply must experience for yourself! When I used to ski every weekend, the most important thing for me was keeping my feet and hands warm, if those got cold I was done! Same for paddle, you just have to have the right gear!!!! We have a variety of options to fit each individuals needs and budget!

You do not want to miss the sugarplum sparkle that reflects off the  maginifent colors of the sky.  Mother Nature provides so many wonderful gifts for us to enjoy and experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Won’t you join us?

Our reccomended list for all season paddling (also makes great gifts💁🏽❄️🎁)

-Dry Bag (pack a snack!!!!)

-water packs

-Phone/water proof case


-full wet suit for winter paddle/surf

-Mary Jane wetsuit for more paddling (we will set you up with the right layors👍🏾)

-dry suit is (best for Sup paddling and technique)


-bottie socks (we have a few kinds we love)

-gloves (we have a few different to try)

-rash guard (and different ways to layor)

Additional options are various neoprene pants, shirts and jackets made for men and women. And here is some super sexy neoprene and goodies if I do say so myself🏄🏾‍♀️🕺🏽………..

(More on the website and at the boutique)

Boards, gear, goodies and Shop Small Saturday November 25th. We have so much love and gratitude for you all. Thank you for enjoying our products, programs and services. Your support, supports our little family and means the world to us! See you Saturday, 29 bridge street. (Shared space with our friends of Yoga Sakti)

Much Love and Aloha, Christos, Leah and Lolo💛


#ShopSmall Speicals:

-Used boards receive 30% of any paddle

-Paddles 10% off

-New board 10-25% off

-Various SUP Package Specials

-Youth Program early bird registration discounts  (see website/currently only for our Topsfield location)

-All Accessories discounts vary

-Gift card Specials


$50 (value $75)

$150 (value is $200)

$275 (value is $350)

$500 (value $600)

#tistheseason #liveitloveitsupit





November 25th #shopsmall

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