#liveitloveitsupit Adventure Awaits…….



Have you figured out your Valentine’s Day Plans or Gift for the adventurer in your life? Flowers are great, but waking up surrounded by endless tropical gardens, accompanied by the sounds and smell of the ocean is even better. Romance, self care, adventure, exploring, and recharging with like minded people is exactly what we have created for you. Couples, friends, this adventure retreat will empower you to live your truth, become the best version of yourself, and is the best gift you can give to yourself or your partner. Christos has been wanting to do a retreat since day one of the business (7 years ago). The stars have all aligned and he is leading, what we like to call an adventure retreat of all your favorite things. We are headed to Puerto Rico! For more details and to register follow the link….



If you can’t make the time to get away create the essence of relaxation and your love for the water with amazing products that will for sure capture the zen vibes to recharge. Can be purchased online or right at the Sup Boutique. View the Online store for more gift ideas for your Sup Lover.




We also have the most perfect board for the tiny badass in your life! This sweet, sweet board was created just for HER!

❤️9×30 Touring

🍍 PVC/Wood

🧜🏽‍♀️Fast, super light, easy to paddle, fun and SexyAF😍


For him Go BIG!  Book the trip to Puerto Rico……



Otherwise here are some gift ideas we have created for you:  can be purchased online or at the Sup Boutique:


Adventure awaits and is calling your names.  Step outside that comfort zone and give each other what your heart really desires, and then don’t forget the chocolate:)

And last but not least of course we have to celebrate all the sup pups with all the love! We rock our bandanas and so do our SUP PUPS!  (Available online only) for every bandana purchased $1 will be dontaed to the North East Animal Shelter where Miss Lolo💛 is from.





#liveitloveitsupit Adventure Awaits…….

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