Sup Yoga 🙏🏽 written by Sup Yoga InstructorMolly Bedocs-Gring 

Paddleboard yoga is like that good, old fashion toy Spirograph. You put a round disc down, with all these mini little teeth/grooves to be your “frame”, then you put a circle inside of that, with all these little holes that have matching teeth/grooves. Then you pick up that that pen and put it into one of those tiny holes and start to go in circles. At first it looks like chaos, but you keep going around and around and around and around. In the end, you end up with a tiny little masterpiece. You are the same, beautiful Sup yoga people! You are that pen asking why am I swirling around? Am I holding the paddle right? What if I fall in? Am I going to get cold? Am I going to get a sunburn? Are my glasses going to fall off? Am I wearing the right thing? Am I doing this right? Am I doing that right? All these questions are just one tiny loop on that Spirograph! By the time you get to Shavasana, none of it will matter! And that is where you have created you own tiny masterpiece. In your own self! You are amazing, and beautiful! Shine on!



Sup Yoga 🙏🏽 written by Sup Yoga InstructorMolly Bedocs-Gring 

Finz Talk🏄


As the sport of SUP keeps on growing , it simply gets better and better and better!🎉 And so does the product! As the sport grows, and there is more product to choose from it can be hard to know the good from well the not so good. That’s why you have us😎Christos and I do our best to connecting you to the most current information. We product test everything, agree, disagree and believe it or not, that’s the best! See not all one size fits all. We  trial and error, travel, research, simple put,  we do our due dillagence. We try to keep it simple, just like the boutique storefront, boards, paddles, leashes, accessories, essentials, the must haves. Our research is endless, at times overwhelming, but its all so exciting because WE LOVE IT❤️. For us  A big part of our Stoke is the  SUP community.  Knowing  who to listen to and follow is key. Lots of cowboys out there pushing there own agenda, but hey that’s life right? There’s lessons in all of it🙏🏽 We have reached out to a few of our Trusted friends, colleagues and simply great humans to share with you  there take on Finz . We think you are going to dig it 🙌🏽

And yes we are always here to answer all your questions!   We love 💕 it! And will continue to  do our best to connect you with the  most current information and trusted sources.

If  you are just getting into the sport of SUP for fun, own a Rec board, maybe purchased your first race board or maybe you have been racing for a while. Wherever you are at,  You will definitely take something away from this read. I sure had a great time researching, learning and updating myself more on Finz. I might just even have to add a new one or 2 to my own collection.

(A few of Leah’s Finz)

Some of my colleagues and friends sent in videos, photos and some wrote a few words. Enjoy!

At  the end of the day #SupIsForEveryone, this is a new hashtag that caught my eye while fin talking with Jermaine Vaine. Thanks for the awsome hashtag and here is a few of his highlights on fin talk.

Thanks Jeremy🙌🏽
Terence O’Malley:

Fins and you

“Picking a fin for a standup paddle board is pretty difficult due to all the variables and what each fin design gives you in return. Having the correct fin could be the difference of finishing on the podium or fighting to stay dry. This is why there are multiple fin companies and each company having many different designs and styles. One of the leading innovators and designers is Larry Allison who does great tutorials on fin design and fin placement. With each race fin being between $50 and $100, this makes having multiple fins an added cost to the sport.

Fins are not unique to SUP. In fact, most watercrafts have some version of this. A sailboat for example has a keel, dagger board/center board beneath the boat to help the boat track straight. The wind would push a sailboat sideways if it didn’t have a keel but with one, it converts the sideways motion from the wind into forward motion. This is the very rudimentary aspect of what a keel of a sailboat does. It goes to say if you paddle without a fin, you will quickly find out that you will have to switch sides after each stroke to be able to paddle straight. Once you add the fin to the SUP, the water running along the fin converts the energy out the back of the board.

Each fin has four dimensions and knowing what each does will help you out:

Height will have a direct relation to the surface area. More surface area better tracking and stability.
The base width, just like the height will have a direct relation to the surface area. A wider base will track better and narrower base will pivot easier.

The rake of a fin is how far back does a fin exceed pass the end of the base. This is one of the most critical elements dictating fin performance. More rake will help the performance and turning ability. Having less rake will provide you to pivot easier(buoy turns) and more called a downwind fin. Having less rake may increase drag and the chances of snagging seaweed and other unwanted objects.

The last dimension is area, which is the overall surface area of the fin. If the fin has more surface area then you may see increased stability.

Different fin designs are specific for certain conditions. Some fins are made for flat water, others for downwind or open ocean paddling. Knowing which fin design to pick and for which race might be intimidating. Let’s break it down.

Starting with stability, depending on the size and shape of the fin your board might be more or less stable. A fin helps in what’s called transverse stability. Transverse stability is the left and right rolling of the board. Having more surface area under the water line will increase the transverse stability, which will aid to slow the rolling motion of the board. The fin that best shows this is Triangle Fin from Future Fin. The wide base will keep the board tracking straight, and the height, which acts as a righting arm to help with stability. The wide base and height will have an increase surface area, which means added stability. The downside of having more surface area or a larger fin is the increase in drag and decrease in the ability to maneuver. But the fin shown below is a great all around fin for a paddler. The fin is also available in different heights to fit your paddling abilities

Another fin design is an upright concept or less rake. This design is best for pivoting or paddling in a down winder. This fin shown is called the Hawaii Down Winder by Future Fins. When the fin has less rake, it may be subject to more drag and snagging unwanted floating debris like seaweed. The downwind style fin is a more agile fin, which will help with keeping the tail of the board loose. Having a loose tail will help to adapt to ocean conditions in a downwind situation. While paddling in a downwinder, you will have to change direction to the left and right to be able to catch each bump. But having a fin that is more agile will reduce stability in most cases.

So now take a wide base for tracking purposes, a short height to reduce drag but an increase rake to increase the agility and performance. With that combination you get what Future fins calls a Carbon Keel. You see more experienced paddlers using it due the possible decrease of stability. With a shorter height of the fin, a larger or taller paddler will feel a difference. A tall person has an elevated center of gravity compared to a shorter person. With a higher center of gravity you’ll feel an advantage of having a longer fin. The advantages of this fin is that it allows the water flow be closer to the board which will increase the speed. The increase of speed is from directing the flow of the water out the back of the board more efficiently.

Over the years, the trend in board design is that they are getting narrower and narrower. With a narrow board comes the inherent stability issues but also increases speed. Board and Fin designers are working on how to make a board more stable without sacrificing speed. One popular addition is a forward fin or foil just forward of your standing area. The fin does not have to be large for you to notice a difference. The extra fin will help in tracking and traverse stability of the board. With having a forward fin on a wider board then you can reduce the size of your fin on the tail. The two-fin set up has been popular with the unlimited SUP’s because its helps keeping a 18 foot board straight.

I touched upon three styles of fins, which I hope gives up a general sense of how complex the fin design is. If there were a perfect fin for all conditions, then the pick would be easy. A little about my racing setup- Majority of the 2016 race season I paddled a 24.5 inch wide race board by Speedboard USA. My two fins were the Triangle Fin and the Keel Fin both from future fins. I am not endorsed by future fins but I do like their product. My last race of the season I experimented with a fin forward of the standing area on a 21 inch wide board. I did see increase stability while the forward fin was installed. I am looking forward to what the future of the sport holds and how it will evolve.”

-Terence O’Malley

(You know your biting at the bullet right now to go play with some new rigs😊)

Here’s a great clip, sent to me by our Starboard Badass Rep, Tony Weaver.


Here’s a few words by Cape Cod Sup Girl aka Miclle Currier.

When I head out on the water for SUP training I always make sure I have the right equipment to help improve my paddling and that includes the right fin. For training and racing I have a TIGER v2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin. This Fin was designed by the Black Project team located in Maui, Hawaii and headed by founder and owner Chris Freeman. This fin is ideal as it handles all types of water conditions from flat water to crushing it through the surf. The TIGER makes practicing buoying turns with ease and the light weight structure reduces drag when working on increasing speed for racing. For a downwinder and open ocean training, my go to fin for these conditions is the MALIKO v2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin, another Fin from the Black Project out of Maui, Hawaii. This fin requires less correcting during a downwinder and provides extra stability during an open session through choppy waters. Both fins perform very well under all water conditions and also look pretty good on my board. I am pretty stoked for the race season as a team rider for Black Project as I will be able to show what these fins can really do.

See you on the water









Finz Talk🏄

🌸Happy Anniversary🌸 

​​🍍Tost 🍍

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for challenging me everyday

Thank you for not always agreeing with me just because I’m your wife 

Thank you for making me a better person and continuing to bring out the best in each other 

Thank you for believing in us and supporting one anther in whatever life throws our way

Thank you for creating our own life, our own adventure and letting go of that invisible person who wrote the invisible book of because….. (if anyone knows this made up person, give them my number I’d like to book a meeting with them) 

Thank you for always making sure no one steals my sparkle 

Thank  you most of all for loving me with you all Whole  heart

Thank you for being my best friend, to me thats everything and more then enough. 

All though Mexico was in our hearts 💕 for our 3 year wedding anniversary, we made the best of it, because that is what we do. We hit the gym, our happy place , and got to spend some real quality time together. With our demanding work schedules, that was a huge gift. People where very concerned about what we were doing, it made us giggle. Realistically we don’t need a special day to celebrate because we do our best to celebrate daily!  I’m not a writer, nor do I claim to be but , Our businesses has provided us with a platform to do just that! We respect this gift and do our best to utilize as a positive and authentic outlet. Recently,  One of our staff said to us, “You guys are like the best of friends, that’s really cool and how it should be” ……..

That warmed my heart and when I shared it with Christos, it brought the biggest smile to his face.  Hearing this couldn’t have come at a better time for us. It took  the sting out of not being able to book Mexico, and was a great reminder of who and what we are. Such a gift,  Who we are , what we do and how Our work reaches and touches  people in a way that is greater then us. It is bigger then we could have every dreamed. Such a gift that we truly, deeply treasure. Social media has a way of being your highlight real. I’ve had some time to think about this because Christos and I are extremly aware of the responsibilty when it comes to social media. We try to be as authentic as possible, share and fight for what we believe in with constant vibes of positive energy and encouramgemt. Let’s face it everyday is not sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. So we do our best, to portray our autheic selfs. Christos and I believe in doing what serves you, in doing what feels good, and spreading, what we call Stoke or #goodjuju with anyone. Life is short, life is hard, life is full of ups, downs and surprises. We choose love and being the best we can be. We want to celebrare life, do some good and be happy.  We share our truth and it’s not always rainbows, or even appropriate for some of of you. But hey it’s our Truth. Social media isn’t a place to our  dirty laundry , but it’s also a place to where you can stay in your truth. We learn from our mistakes our failures and our success everyday. No one is perfect, all we can say is we do our best personally and professionally. 

Thank you Christos and all of you for being a part of our jorunery. Sup East Coast Style, started with passion, love, a lot of haters, a lot of challenges, but because of all you we are able to share our love of life and paddle. Our business reflects so much of who we are. It is made up of our blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
To the most important person of it all….. Christos, Thank you, for being a good human and my human. 

I love you, 😘❤️ 


🙏🏽Ps we will still get away, promise 🏄 but that’s what we do best, make it happen 🙌🏽

🌸Happy Anniversary🌸 

Here’s an update for you! 

We are putting everything together and having so much fun with it!!! Yoga sakti Is such a beautiful place with so much to offer, our boards, swag and all things we love are such a perfect fit! 

Inventory is slowly coming in and you can always look at everything we have to offer you on the online shop! 

In the shop now we have just received our full Restoke order

I have been an ambassador for this line for  a long time so I am more than pumped to have a home for all of you to have full access to this super warm, soft, eco friendly brand! Being able to be a part of a company that is full of #goodjuju is such an honor. Spreading that stoke is the name of the game right!?!?! Here at Sup East Coast Style we are full of that stoke! Restoke has also been a big supporter of our charity event Paddle For Plummer. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for being on board! Now we get to give back and Restoke all of you out by carrying the brand all year round! Woot! Woot!

So come on by pick up some new swag, we also have tank tops and tees in which go great with all the brands that sakti carries for us to get our workout in with🏋🏿‍♀️ 

Fall and cold weather paddling. As you all know I am much more of a sun and bikini type paddler but you will catch myself and tost out enjoying a cold weather paddle mid winter. For that gear head up to Cape Ann and they will get you all suited up to paddle in the winter with us. In the meantime all you really need is booties to join us on our Sunday Funday adventures. We post an invite and send an email blast each week for you to join us! The cost is $35 or if you have your own gear feel free to join us! The more paddlers that come to meet up the better! These adventures are all about the weather! Leaf Peeping from your paddle board has been so much fun we hope you join us! 

Our next adventures are actually going to take place on a Saturday, Sundays and a Monday. 

Saturday November 12th:

We are going to have a soft opening for the retail space for  Sup East Coast Style. So come on buy, check out the Saturday line up for classes @ Yoga (I teach at 9am and Lisa Faia teaches Saturdays too!) But check out all the classes! Grab a class, shop, snack and of course we will have some fun raffles and prizes for all of you that day! Then come join us for a 330pm paddle adventure! All levels welcome. We will drop in and cruise around Beverly and see where we can catch the best sunset because yes we have turned back the clocks and it’s getting dark early 😆 The holidays are approaching fast so we will have extra special deals for you for coming to our opening! #tistheseason 🏄🌟🎄🦃☃️

Candles,diffusers, scents that reflect all four seasons, gift certificates and more! 

If you  can’t make our adventure tour Saturday there is a super moon Monday! This adventure is for people who have paddled before and  will be a full moon glow tour. (location for drop is tbd. ) 

For now please join us Saturday November 12th for a soft opening for the next chapter of Sup East Coast Style.

#itsalifestyle #liveitloveitsupit 

To sign up for Saturday November 12th 330pm paddle adventure please call/text 9788822109. (Sign up by 5pm Friday )


Here’s an update for you! 

As Race season comes to a close…… 


This year Christos and I launched a new program,and  not only did this badass tribe exceed all expectations, we made some great memories and life long friends. This tribe has so much stoke, enthusiasm, and excitement for SUP, it was a pleasure and honor to coach.  

And we want you to join us!!! 

Even though Sup is technically a sport where you compete against your friends, well in this tribe there is so much support and team work that you can’t help but high five each other when the race is said and done. And you will see many friends and athletes photographed at the finish line with that exact same high five and smile full of stoke! Our tribe welcomes all levels so now let me recap and take you through our exciting season and Introduce you to the badass stokers that make up our race team. 

Our tribe our vibe:
Let’s kick things off with D’dra:

New to paddling and wanting to get into better shape through  paddle. D,Dra not only accomplished those goals but also made incredible strides in paddling in open ocean and challenging weather conditions! She trusted me to teach her how to dance on the water and let go of her fear of open ocean. Each practice, each stoke, she got better and better and came a long way this season!  I can’t wait to see her kill it next year! 

Meet: Mama Amber and Mama Bee!

Now I cannot tell a lie, when these two ladies called I was hesitant and almost said no because they had never paddled in their life! They reached out and said they had just had a baby and were looking for a fun way to get their bodies back post baby. At first I said no, then I hung up the phone and thought to myself that is so not our style or vibe at SECS and I am going to make these two racers if that’s what they want! And boy am I glad they called! Not only did I get the pleasure of teaching them how to paddle, I got to coach and witness first hand their incredible journey into competitive racing and killed it! All with a big smile and happy hearts!  They came to practice ready to work , whether they were up all night with screaming babies they gave me 100 percent and trusted me to let me push and guide them to their goals! Watching them cross the finish lines this year was a spectacular and thrilling sight! I can’t wait to  supersede their fitness and paddle goals for next season! 


I have been working with Ashley on her fitness goals for quite some time now and before season hit we went out for a low key paddle together where I started talking to her about the race team program. Just like that she signed up for the team like she signed up for kickball and all the other fun stuff this girl does. She went from holding her paddle backwards, barley knowing how to stand on a board to pretty much hitting the podium at every race we entered. This girl became a badass tribe member, a kick ass teammate and I can’t wait to see and coach her in her next chapter! 


Is an incredible athlete and like most of us fits in as many fitness activities, classes, gyms and events as she possibly can. There’s no off season for people like Brenda and she had so much fun this season on the team. She brings light, positive energy and puts 110% into everything she does! 


Jen is obsessed with all things paddle. From, swag,gear, events, you name it she has it or has tried it! She also is spectacular at logistics when it comes to relay events, and Portages😜 She has a board for every occasion and simply can’t get enough. Jen paddles all over, she is a part of Secs and loves to go off and do her own thing. She has been paddling for years and you can always tell which one she is Because she likes to get into her own zone and have her music  on board with her while racing. She had a great season!


Amy and I have been paddling together for a few years now and was a big fan and encouraging force for me to launch this program. (Thank you) Amy is the nicest human and a fierce competitor. She is the hardest on herself and won’t give up until she gets it right! Her intensity, commitment and effort when it comes to the team is contagious. She is your friend and will be the first one to drop in and train with you anytime anywhere. When race day comes, it’s game on! The energy she brings to the team keeps everyone in check and on their game. She is awesome to coach and her paddle game is only getting better and better! 


I was lucky enough to meet Rhodes in 2011 when I gave him his first Sup 101 lesson and he purchased one of my favorite boards, from when we were carrying  Jimmy Lewis boards. Boy I miss those days, anyways now Rhodes rides a 14ft Bark and man can this guy paddle! We all love when practice times don’t conflict with work for Rhodes because we know I’d have to spend the whole time chasing him on the water. In the words of Kayne  West: ” Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!” Thanks Rhodes for killing on the water and for the incredible sportsmanship you bring to the team and the sport .


I had my eye on Mikki since the first day I saw her paddle at the kiosk, and said to myself this is a diva stoker, mermaid soul sister  and someone I must have as a part of this program when I start it….And sure enough, 3 seasons of planting the seed in her brain, she is the queen bee  when it comes to stoke and teamwork! Mikki went from a casual recreational paddler to running sprints Saturday mornings at 6am and no matter rain or shine it was game on to get ready for race day! This teammate knows how to paddle hard, have fun, spread the stoke and smile every damn day when she is on that water! Give her a board and her happy place is contagious! Her hard work and positive attitude helped to achieve her goals of improving her time everytime she set out for a practice run and her times will keep getting better and better because me her coach and her team will be with her every step of the way! Go Mikki!


Channin is an incredible group X instructor who started taking my land fitness classes and join our outdoor sup fitness classes as well. She was hooked from the very start and so year two she decided to join the race team with us. With a few injuries holding her back, it didn’t stop her from having a kick ass season! This winter she will be recovering  from surgeries and coming back next season even stronger then the last and we can’t wait for her speedy recovery! 

Scott and Amy

So we kick off the season with the run of the Charles and little did I know that this entire team was so bad ass and brought so much enthusiasm with them! 
Scott and Amy have been water peeps for years and I was honored to have them want to be a part of this team. It took me a while to get them both out of their comfort zones and I totally identified exactly where they were at, because we had a  major thing in common which was our east coast soccer legs and years of being trained with a square stance. We took that beast mode energy, stoke and athleticism and took the podium several times. Don’t let this 5’1 paddler fool you, she goes beast mode when she hits that water, every single time. And loves to stoke out others! She believes in the power of cheer and teamwork! Just what Secs is all about! And  Scott’s goal was to shave ten minutes off his time from last year races and make that podium. Well with my magic pink board and his trust in me, we did just that and more! Both of them walked away with ample time on that podium! ​

​Look out New England this power sup couple is on fire!!!! 2017 we’re coming for you! 

Assistant Coach and racer aka Tost🤘🏽

My husband, my right hand, the one who helps make all my crazy into a reality as well as kills it on the water himself. Tost is that paddler who reminds me of the kid in school who never studied, barely had to and yet always aced the test. He has the patience of a saint and there’s no one else who displays the amount of class and sportsmanship as an athlete and  coach. He is a natural and my hope is that both of us get some more water time next season because I am not a natural like him and have to work my tail  off!  I’ll catch him one day😜

And me! Your coach and number one fan! 

We are currently working on our winter program for you, and filling in our 2017 race calendar. Want to join our tribe? 

🌟All levels welcome, just shoot us an email at to learn how to join the team 

Our only requirements is that you must be full of stoke! The rest of it leave up to me.

#liveitloveitsupit #itsalifestyle 

As Race season comes to a close…… 

What A Weekend! 

What a way to kick off a fantastic weekend! At this time of year the winds Pick up, you see the surf kick up and why? Because it’s hurricane season and time to catch some waves. And that’s exactly what we did with Cape Anne Sup! And boy do they know how do it right! #somuchstoke🤘🏽

We kicked off the weekend with members of team Sup East Coast Style and went out for a group Sup Surf lesson with our friends at Cape Anne Paddle.   First of all watching Dom and Annilese (owners of Cape Anne Sup)  on the water is simply magical and incredible to watch. They, as I like to say, dance with the water so beautifully. It was really so special to learn from such amazing instructors and people inside and out! Our group had a fabulous time, learned so much. We all cannot wait to do it again and are 100% hooked! A lot of you may be surprised, but for me it was my first time SUP Surfing and I was completely out of my comfort zone! It has been on my bucket list as I have always been so envious, intrigued and in complete awe of all my surfer friends. Shocking right,  that I have never surfed before.  Ask me to paddle across open ocean,  leg press a ridiculous amount,  jump a 360 on my Surfset board, pretty much up for everything when it comes to sports,fitness  and challenges. I’m game. I’ve never been the girl to sit on the sidelines in any sport, but when it came to surfing I had this little voice of fear in my head. I’ve been a flat water paddler for many years now in all different types of water, terrain and challenges but when it came to surfing well I had never done it and was a bit nervous😬.  Intructor Annilese made that little voice in my head not be so loud and assured me by saying……”P.s. no judgement being passed. There’s only one way to start ☺”  and for some reason that was all I needed to hear to quiet that fear inside me. Thanks Girl!!!! And just like that, I caught my first two waves and that feeling is AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to do it again and again and again! I also found it to be a fantastic cross training workout and look forward to implementing this cross training not only for my own workouts and training but also for our race team. 

If any of you want to take a lesson, bring a group or sign up your kid next year for surf/ Sup surfing lessons/ camp/ programs, get in touch with Cape Anne Paddle. They do a ton of other stuff too and have the cutest shop called the Board Barn. Do yourself a favor and stop by! That’s where I get all my mermaid swag that you all love so much! 

After a fantastic night of surfing…. We ended the weeknd with our 6th Annual Costume paddle.  All though Mother Nature had the wind kicking a bit, the air temp and water was warm and the Rain held off! Thanks to everyone who came out you paddled hard against that wind and had so much fun. We enjoyed all the costumes  so much and you definitely earned your cupcakes! We had such a blast, Thank you! 


#liveitloveitsupit #secs2016 #itsalifestyle

What A Weekend! 

Let’s Alway’s Celebrate life! It’s Tost’s Birthday and updates on #secs2017


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw


This guy caught my eye in high school, but grabbed me by the hand over 10 years ago and its been one hell of a ride ever since! Today I would like to take a minute to wish my ride until we die partner in crime a very Happy Birthday month.  Christos and I close out the paddle season  with a Costume Paddle and  kick off his Birthday celebrations while giving back to our clients with a FREE and FUN event!tinkerbell

TBT to our first annual Costume Paddle, Peter Pan and Tinker bell. We switch off every year of who gets to pick what we will be and he swears that every time its my year he ends up in tights! (Oops sorry babe xo)

Yes we love life and life doesn’t always love you back! Everyday is not perfect, we are not perfect, but we choose to do our best to celebrate life everyday! Then a little extra when it comes to birthdays, holidays etc….  But life for us is meant to be lived!!!!!!!!!! We hope you join us this Sunday September 18th for dessert, costumes and a paddle to close out the 2016 season!

As we reflect back on this season we just want to say thank you! Thank you for your continued support and for loving SUP!  Each and every one of you make it all worth it! As paddle season 2016 comes to a close for us, we are already planning and working hard for you on 2017! Our 2017 calendar is filling up quick and its all so very exciting!  We just had our first Paddle for Plummer committee meeting which went really well and we would like to give a big THANK YOU To HArbor Master BILL, THANK YOU!!!!  We cant wait to share with you whats in store for #pfp17

(enjoy the spectacular  Drone Footage shot by the fabulous Renee Gagnon and  Michael Holzwarth)

 Also on deck for 2017, we are creating  a magical, incredible and beautiful partnership opportunity storefront space at  Yoga Sakti .   More updates  to come as we continue to put all the pieces together for the retail space! sneakpeak

Don’t worry, we are keeping the Marblehead Kiosk and all paddle locations open! MAybe opening a few new spots too! Along with…..  more GLOW, GLOWGA, and programming!!!!!  season as well! We have had some of you inquire about our most recent program of 2016 our Paddle Team and how it works. Well its BAD ASS, if we do say so ourselves! We have a killer tribe, a even better vibe and would love for you all to join us! Currently we are working on launching our 2017 program  and will get the details out to all of you very soon! (For now shoot us an email )  In the meantime maybe take advantage of the new client special here @yogasakt, just 49$ to sample all they have to offer for Fitness! 1 Month 49$  And I teach here!!! You can sample my Mermaid and Merman year round fitness classes : Tuesday 630pm, every other Thursday at 630pm and Saturdays 9am

Not only do I teach here, the paddle store will be here but you will also find a few of your favorite SUP Yoga teachers teaching here!   Yoga instructor Lisa Faia and Danile Jacobs! 


Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! Reserve your board for Sunday Costume Paddle and Tost’s Birthday celebrations! (ps he loves snickers) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOS! I LOVE YOU and thanks for being there from A-Z and all the STUFF in between! img_4402

#secs2016 you were a good year and we cant wait for #secs2017 #liveitloveitsupit #itsalifestyle



Let’s Alway’s Celebrate life! It’s Tost’s Birthday and updates on #secs2017