Yes I blew up your news feed! 

Yesterday I may have blown up Your newsfeed because I figured out how to work the live button on Facebook! And there was no better day to play with it then at paddle for Plummer!!!!!!! 

Where do we begin! Three years ago my girl Ashley Steeves dropped my name at the Plummer Home and I was lucky enough to have the Plummer home trust me in joining their team. 

Each and every year this event just gets better and better! Thank you for making me feel like a movie star that gets to write and reflect on how many people there are to thank because there is just so many fantastic people and places that I don’t want to miss a thing!!! 

First to the Plummer Home for allowing and honoring me with the task of creating this event. This particular charity just is so near and dear to my heart and paddling with and for kids is just the best feeling ever. To Caroline Laramie, my friend and fellow diva stoker, you’re just striaght bad ass! Thank you for connecting us to Melanine Mckinin! To Melanie Mckinin, It Starts with me and Kerry Larmie, thank you for adding energy, even more fun, and a fantastic  land vibe with the bean bag tournament! 

To Amy Livermore, my friend, mentor, queen bee and kick ass chick!! For your third year in sponsoring the spin classes and event. You are so special thank you. 

To Anna Laste for being a constant balance in my life and sharing her passion, energy and spirit with the Plummer home with her healing yoga. You’re a gem.

To all of the industry paddle places, from our local stores that donated raffle items, hung our posters, spread the word to their clients thank you. Especially a Big shout out to Cape Ann SUP. Annilese you are simply sunshine🌞 my mermaid friend. And thank you DOM!!!!

Marc and kialoa paddles, what more can I say then simply thank you for working with me and making my vision come to light for these kids. 

Johhny O, 

There aren’t enough words and hugs to go around! You are a gift to Plummer home, to me, to my team. I can’t believe it was 7 years ago that we met in the middle of the ocean. You’re a  true leader in the industry and I look forward to making so many more memories with you! 😎 Thank you for all your support personally and professionally we and your sponsors are so incredibly lucky to have you! Which leads me to Boga Stand up Paddle boards sponsorship and incredible donation! 

To Rogue Standup paddle boards and Rick Carr, thank you for your sponsorship and Board donation to our event this year. And on a personal note It has been my pleasure working with you since 2009. You have been so good to me and I am so proud to be an ambassador for Rogue. To my own sponsors, newfsurfboard and Restoke, thank you for your ongoing support! 
And a special thanks to a new sponsor, Werner paddles, who I am incredibly excited to have on board and to do some great work together in the future! Your Friday night clinics were a huge hit. The endless support on social media and excitement you had for being here the first time simply warmed my heart.  Danny you are amazing at your job and a power house on that water!!!!! Beast mode💪🏾🏄😎

And thank you for bringing us the sweetest person on earth, killer coach and insane paddler Stephanie! Girl I can’t wait to paddle with you again!!!!! Thank you for an amazing clinic and congrats on your #1 podium spot!!! 

To all my old and new mermaid and merman friends that came from all over! Eveyln, Michele, Veronica, Terry, Andrew, Kim,  New York, Ohio, Vermont, Maine Nh! You know who are thank you! 

(Terry I can’t wait for that rematch next year 😜)

To my race team, you guys trained hard, and it paid off! 1st in men’s 12.6 elite and 1st and 2nd   Women’s Rec race!!! Holy smokes!!!! I am beyond proud of each and every one of you!!!! Congrats to Amy, Scott and Ashley! The journey has just begun!!!! I am so proud to be your coach!!!!!! 

Finally, To my staff at sup east coast style, your a well oiled machine!!! And Christos and I appreciate all the work you do!!!!! #liveitloveitsup #secs2016 #pfp16

Thank you to B&S fitness aka Brandi, Steve and Amanda, thank you to Wayne and the harbor master. All the volunteers and  Each and everyone one of you who had anything to do with yesterday, thank you!  And we can’t wait to do it all over over again next year! #pfp17 here we come!!!!!! 

And of course to my partner in crime, my hubby 😘 thanks for rocking out this crazy thing called life with me💋


Yes I blew up your news feed! 

July 15th sign up for a Sup Clinic in your own backyard while supporting the Plummer Home…🌞🤘🏽🏄

Are you new to SUP? Do you wish you could paddle faster? Are you battling aches and pains when paddling (cramped feet or tendonitis)? Have you seen how smoothly the pros paddle and wished you could paddle like that or at least improve your technique a little…
Guess what…you can!?!?!
One of Christos and my favorite things to do when we travel to SUP events or places to paddle is take as many clinics as we possibly can. We have never walked away saying that it was a bad idea and usually learn something new!
Paddle for Plummer has been blessed in the past with clinics featuring athletes like Dan Gavere, Harmony Dawn and our very own local stud Johnny O’Hara (who has been a huge asset to our committee as well this year–thank you!)

This year you have the privilege of choosing between a beginner paddle clinic with Johnny, or you can check out our new addition–an advanced clinic taught by super, gnarly athlete 🌸Stephanie Shideler. Stephanie comes to us highly recommended and we simply can’t wait to drool over her technique and learn from this goddess!

So, what are you waiting for? Click this link and sign up for one of these July 15 clinics today!

Wait, there’s more?

Beer🍻 Food 🍿 And friends🤘🏽(Non-alcoholic beverages too)

The food has been sponsored by my dear friends and colleagues Matt and Justin Mattera! You will be enjoying some killer sandwiches from their restaurant in Pickering Wharf right here in Salem–Longboards. And some sweet treats that are a perfect snack with an ice cold brew, POPPED!popcorn. If you haven’t had the pleasure of popping in yet, do yourself a favor and pop in! I’m still waiting for Justin to make me a scented popped candle! (heavenly)
Now that we have planned out the best way to kick off your weekend, join us this Friday for a SUP clinic and then register for Paddle for Plummer to show off your newly honed skills!

#secs2016 #pfp16 #liveitloveitsupit #domoretakeless

July 15th sign up for a Sup Clinic in your own backyard while supporting the Plummer Home…🌞🤘🏽🏄

Summer’s Coming 

Hello everyone! 

We hear you! After that one fantastic  day Memorial Day weekend gifted to us, the town of Marblehead promised we could officially kick off Summer, Memorial Day weekend (next year) Living in New England we all know mother Nature has the final word! 

We just wanted to touch base with you all and update you on our 2016 Summer schedule. Let’s start off with the month of June. Which can also be found on our website

Here’s what’s on deck for June😎

We will be moving our Container June 9th out of our winter storage location to our Marblehead Kiosk  location, Riverhead beach. 

This weekend June 4th we plan on doing kayak,Sup rentals and lessons, (weather pending) 

Starting June 10th we will have after school/evening hours only and will be open on the weekends, (weather pending). Text/Call ahead only 

We will officially be FULLY open June 25th. (Seven days a week, all day, everyday) and we hope you all join us for our season kick off June 26th, “Pedal to Paddle”. (First sup yoga class is June 26th) All proceeds from our season opener will be going to the Plummer Home this year.

1. June 11th

This FREE clinic is geared to all level racers  

2. Red Co Paddle company, our go to inflatable board because it’s one of the best out there for an Inflatabable line, has made a North America trip across the pond and our coming here! Their here for you to demo their entire 2016 line up! You’re all invited to this FREE demo event! 

(Salem,Ma wakiki beach)


June 16th: Smores and Paddle launch night @Pomps Pond our Andover location 

First youth program for Andover starts June 27th 

New: June 24th Smores and Paddle launch night at Stiles Pond, Boxford 

(Will be live on the website Monday to register Monday June 6th) 

New: Danvers Smores and paddle launch night! 

Christos and I have had a blast paddling this river! It’s going to be so much fun for the kids! We can’t wait! 

June 27th -June 30th Topsfield Hoods Pond Youth paddle Program

Morning session is full but we have opened up an afternoon session for you! Email us for details 


New: June 27th-July 2nd Marblehead youth programs!! 

We are so excited to be partners with the Marblehead park and Rec this year! The first session is June 27th-July2nd but please go to our website and check out the rest of the summer schedule for all our youth programs, in each location! 

New: Race Team

Join our race team! All levels welcome! Our first practice is going to be June 8th! For more details on this program check out our previous blog posts, website or message us for details!

That’s a wrap for June 


Spread the stoke 

Wear your damn leash 

Wear your SPF 

Paddle safe 

Drink water 

Treat our environment with love and respect 

Don’t be a kook 

And most important have FUN! 

Follow us daily on Facebook for up to the minute posts. Check the website often as we are constantly adding to our summer calendar. 

#secs2016 #liveitloveitsupit #playhardpaddleharder 


 PS. Sup fitness and Sup Yoga will be starting in July. However Sunday June 26th Sara will be leading a sup yoga class to kick off season. And you never know when she is going to throw out a last minute class!  

Glow paddles will start July 1st weekend! 

(Unless we sneak a couple in for June and Mother Nature gives us a night we simply can’t refuse) 

Friday July 1st, 2nd and 3rd! To kick of 4th of July weekend!  

730pm start time


Summer’s Coming 





Training during the off season (IS THERE REALLY AN OFF SEASON?!?),   your strength and cardio  is just as important as your time on the water. This program and team is FOR ALL LEVELS!!!! Having the access to the indoor facility is a key ingredient to your success on the water.

We will kick off the outdoor season with an amazing race geared clinic with coach Jeramie Vaine and Werner paddles. Jeramie Brand Ambassador at BOGA Paddleboards,Retail Sales Manager at Futures SUP andBrand Ambassador at Werner Paddles . I will be blogging more about that clinic in the near future. Jeremy also has a wonderful blog that I am a big fan of! check it out! Coach Johny O’Hara will be heading up our Wednesday nights meet up for miles,taking your every stroke to the next level!

Sup Racer/Surfer and World TravelerBoga Team Rider and Futures Ambassador.

Christos and I are really excited to have watched you and this sport all grow over the past 6 years. We are  stoked to be able to open this door for you and coach you to the next level. Racing can be as fun or as serious as you want it to be. At the end of the day the competition  as an athlete is with yourself (bragging rights are always kinda fun too). The last rep, that push, that feeling we get to dig deeper, go further… Well our team of rockstar coaches we have put together for you are going to take you there. And man we are going to have a BLAST!

NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!? RIDE FOR TEAM SUP EAST COAST STYLE THIS SUMMER! (ps if you have your own board great if you don’t we will supply what you need as far as equipment goes)

We have something NEW and EXCITING coming to you for the summer of 2016!


Join us this summer for a 12 week program with the option of indoor training and outdoor paddle training! B&S will be providing you with supreme strength and cardio coaching. Sup East Coast will be providing you with on water training paddle board training!

Weather you are a new paddler or have experience all levels are welcome!


$299 for the comprehensive program (cardio, strength and SUP)

$199 for SUP paddle training alone. 

Starting Date: JUNE 8th

Location- Starting in Salem (Winter Island) and moving to Marblehead.

*Wednesday nights

*Saturday’s and Sundays

SUP Coaching will be provided by Leah and Christos of SUP East Coast Style along with elite athletes Jeramine Vaine and Johnny O’hara. 

Check out SUP east coast website for more information.





For our strength and conditioning, All classes are suited for all levels and abilities. Our coaches can work with you to keep your program effective and results driven. One workout per week is included in the price. If you would like to add another day or two we can certainly accommodate for an additional fee.  
(You can Sign up online for the entire program with B&S Fitness,
If you would like to sign up for the SUP paddle training ONLY please email Leah or call/text 978-387-2281 

Suggested races that you will be training for if you WANT to race (all levels)

* May 21st-Essex River Race
* July 16th-Paddle for Plummer

* July 23rd-Misery Challenge

Once you sign up for the program you will receive a training manual and SUP plan to follow. SUP East Coast will be keeping track of everything for you.

At the end of the season we will celebrate with a SUP Olympics. This will include a fun day geared to teamwork, bragging rights, food, prizes and FUN!

Any questions please reach out to Amanda Nisula at or Leah Goodman at

Life is Playful



Life is playful, if we allow ourselves to go with the flow. We find ourselves holding on to the past, to thoughts,feelings, words, actions, traumas, memories good and bad  when we just need to let go of the judgement of it all. The what ifs and the worrying about what the world thinks. We sometimes get that feeling of  getting  stuck, almost as if is like experiencing  that groundhog day effect (yuck). Im not loosing weight, I’m not making enough money, I’m going to be single forever, this is all energy that  effects our daily life.  Shutting down that noise can be exhausting so if we try excepting that noise and do our best to work with it and not against it, I find it helpful. By land or sea, if work against that big wave you will get kicked off your board! And if you always take a flat rode you will never experience the feeling of  accomplishment that you owned that giant hill and feel the  thrill of speeding down the other side. You have let go and set free all that was in your way at that very moment, a thing I like to call mental toughness. Using that mental toughness to do that last rep, give your all in my sprints we do in class or increase your weight. If you dont’ tap into you then  you will stay in that same place you are wanting to change and that noise that surrounds you wont get any softer.  The noise is there to teach us and my belief is that the more energy you can put towards a healthy way of living the better your day to day life can and will be. At least for me this means being stronger then our excuses and that god awful noise that sometimes just wont quit.  This is one of the many reason why I love the practice of the fit and healthy lifestyle. My work on and off the water is to help others spread and find there stoke.  I love when people are in my classes on and off the water. You all inspire me. I love that we all work together to push each other to reach that next level, to go further and do more!  I m all about team work makes the dream work. If we hold each other accountable, learn and support each other that noise will quite down, the weight will come off, the job or partner in life will seem more real then the day before. Put out the good vibes, trust the process, learn from your worst enemy and your loudest noise. I believe Inspiration is everywhere, and I enjoy learning from all my peers and helping you tap into your stoke the best I can. Thank you and  for always reminding me of this and inspiring me!

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” sex and the city


Life is Playful

Accessory Paddle Stoke!


Do you want to know what the best part is about paddling!? Paddling with others, meeting fellow paddlers and sharing that stoke where ever you go! Who is your favorite person to paddle with? Or maybe its your furry friend! We found these gems and wanted to share  this great item for all you sup lovers, sup couples, sup athletes and supSTOKERS, out there. These are great for all your paddles and travels!  Check out the links! (There also great for your gym time too!!!!)

camohot pink.jpg

Christos is always super nervous when I rock my bling in the water and Im always super bummed when he leaves his at home!!!! Well here is a little product that gives us a win win! Here a few other items and accessories for you to take with you on your adventures:

Dry bag: for safety and photos to capture your adventure!


camel pacl

Or if you don’t want to wear a back pack (fyi:  you can stuff a peanut butter sandwiches in, energy gummies, a bar or have snacks for those long paddles! Also great for our little campers to have to) You can always use a carbinar clip and water bottle. We like to freeze ours the night before and then just clip on to your board and go!


Furry our furry fiends! Get them a life jacket! so much easier and safer to pull them back up on board!

susan and dogjackie




Who ever you paddle with, the most important thing of all, HAVE FUN!

#liveitloveitsupit #secs2016 #spreadthestoke







Accessory Paddle Stoke!