2019 Sup kids Yoga and kids summer programs

As we head into our 10th season we wanted to share with you all the awesome 😎 programs your kids can join us for this summer!

Let’s start with a program we launched last season that we couldn’t love more, Sup Kids Yoga and what makes it so super special is the passion our instructor shares for this program.

Meet Emily, otherwise known as not your average mermaid 🧜🏾‍♀️. Emily is the head instructress of our sup kids yoga program which will be held every Wednesday at riverhead beach in Marblehead. https://squareup.com/store/supeastcoaststyle/item/kids-sup-yoga-1

You can also find Emily teaching adult yoga workshops on the water too!

(Children’s bio/love/passion) ——>

“Emily Generazzo is a certified RYT 200 hr adult and children’s yoga teacher.

Her passion for teaching children stems from her bond with her four younger siblings all under the ages of twelve. She believes that bringing creativity into self expression is a way to help children grow and develop.

Emily combines yoga, movement, dance, music and breath to guide her children’s programs. Emily is fully committed to providing a safe space for all of her mini yogis and yogini’s to express themselves, while letting their inner light shine! ”

In addition to our Sup Kids Yoga scheduled summer program we also run weekly programs in Marblehead, Topsfield, Andover, and Stoughton. Registration can be found on our website: www.supeastcoaststyle.com

Additional Sup Kids Fun we provide our birthdays parties, kids race team and lessons! Visit the website or give us a call to learn more.


🌸Much Aloha🌸

Leah, Christos and lolo💛

2019 Sup kids Yoga and kids summer programs

2019 Kids Sup Race Team Program

After 10 years of loving our youth programs, well the youth have spoken and they want more! See they have caught what we all have, and it’s the best “bug” to catch! The “SUP Bug”.

In Addition to running our weekly youth programs in the following locations:

Marblehead – register with Marblehead Park and rec ➡️ (launching soon!)

Topsfield- register on our website ➡️https://squareup.com/store/supeastcoaststyle

Andover- register here ➡️ http://www.andoverrec.com/youth/youthsum

Stoughton- register ➡️(coming soon)

Well as you can see we have exposed a TON of kids to the sport of stand up paddle and they just can’t get enough! With that we are so excited to launch this new program for kids for 2019! Are you ready? We are, so here it is:


Register with Us ➡️

2 practices a week (Wednesday 6pm &Saturday 9am )

Each session includes:

-equipment And gear

-1 on 1 coaching

-more individual skills and drills coaching

-small group training as we are only taking a limited number of kids

-each team rider will receive a team journal, the journals are part of our coaching style to track there progress, homework, challenges etc….. they also Receive a TEAM hat!

-cost $100 Per Session

Each session includes 2 races. The 1st running June-July includes Paddle For Plummer right here in Salem and the 2nd in Marblehead At the kiosk. The 2nd session running through August-SUPtember includes “The Great Stone Dam Classic” in Lawrence and the second on at the Marblehead kiosk.

“I have been paddling since I was 3 years old. I love to paddle with my friends and take all my friends paddling.”

Quinn Harris

Ambassador and Team rider age 11

“I like to paddle because I like the suns reflection and the nice breeze. I also like to slip and slide on the party board” “I like to paddle off season because it’s bad ass” 🤣🤣

Team rider Harlon 7 years old

1st session:

June 26th (Wednesday) June 29th (Saturday)

July 2nd (Wednesday) July 6th (Saturday)

July 10th (Wednesday) July 13th race day!

July 17th (Wednesday) July 20th (Saturday)

July 24th (Wednesday) July 27th race day! And last day of 1st session

2nd Session

July 31 (Wednesday) August 3rd (Saturday)

August 7th (Wednesday) August 10th (Saturday)

August 14th (Wednesday) August 17th (Sat)

August 21st (Wednesday) August 24th (sat)

August 28th (Wednesday) August 31st -Marblehead kiosk Race

(Date tbd ) SUPtember: The Date for The Great Stone Dam Classic has not been set yet however this is Race we will finish off the season with ans the link to read more about it! https://m.facebook.com/GreatStoneDam/

*additional fees for race team shirt and stone dam classic

“I love the people and the paddleboarding and jumping off the docks. It is my favorite summer camp”


Age 8

Future CEO of Sup East Coast Style

“I love paddleboarding with my family at SUP EAST Coast”


Age 6

Little Stoker

*registration is open: https://squareup.com/store/supeastcoaststyle/item/kids-race-team-program

*Remember spots are limited, register NOW

2019 Kids Sup Race Team Program

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Cupcake decorated with a pink sugar flower and a single candle

On my 36th birthday, that question still annoys me! I can remember thinking to myself  in high school, while applying to colleges, being asked that question over and over again. It has such a negative effect on me. Did people really expect a detailed answer? I still don’t have an answer at 36! For me, Everyone has the right to write their own story. I went to college, went to trade schools, traveled, lived in many places and continue to honor my truths.  It wasn’t easy then and isn’t easy now. All I have ever known how to do is to work as hard as I could and never settle. If it didn’t feel good or right to me then I shouldn’t do it…….. That’s what ever made any sense to me.  At age 19 I opened my first business which is still going after 17 years! 17 years, is that for real? My life as an Aesthetician has been incredible and continues to grow and change, just the way life for me should be. I have always been a creature that loves to learn and experience life in ways that many call the road not taken.  What I can share with you is that my work has always been to listen to the voice inside my head and that feeling in my heart. My truth. Which many over the years have challenged in ways that I could have never imagined and still challenged. However, as I get older I have realized the harder the challenge, the more “they” say I can’t or I shouldn’t the more it fuels my truth and fire. I have such a passion for life and the gifts the universe has given. My hopes, goals are  to always stay open and present enough to not miss any! Some challenges I thought I would never survive and some were filled with so much magic and love that at times I didn’t even believe that moments like that were real. That’s life for you isn’t it? I do my best to take the good, the bad, and honor it all.  Work through it, learn from it, listen to it, and for me always make it sparkle no matter how down and dirty life gets. I was with one of my littlest mermaids the other day, she’s 9. We were making a time capsule to bury in the yard for her birthday that she plans  to open  when she graduates high school.  At age 9 she knows, who she is going to marry, where the wedding will take place, her wedding song, how many kids she is having, what kind of car she is going to drive (a red range rover by the way), the house she is going to live in, what college she sill attend  etc… She knows exactly what she wants as clear as day. I never, ever had any of those visions, ever. I still don’t.  I sat there and smiled with slight envy that this little mermaid knew exactly what she wanted at age 9! She then looked at me and said what do you want to be when you grow up? See, she doesn’t put me in the “adult” category, because in her words she says I’m too fun, I do too many fun things, I wear too many bright colors, I don’t have kids and Christos and I like each other to much. This warms my heart and makes me giggle every time I try to tell her my age, she never believes me.  The point, whether you know exactly what your life is going to look like or still have zero clue, its all good!


Which leads us to our present moment and what is in store for our next chapter. After 17 years in skincare, fitness and wellness,  7 years with my second business, Sup East Coast Style I have with my husband, we are expanding into our next adventure that he has been asking to do since 2009! (Never a dull moment) Sup East Coast Style was born in 2009, when I moved back to the east coast from California. Each year the business has organically evolved and still continues to surprise us ever year in the direction we take it into. With endless support, long hours, lots of eye rolls and are you serious, but ok comments  from my husband Christos, we are finally able to put one of his products into full swing, Active Lifestyle Adventure Retreats. We kicked off 2018 with our first two in Portsmouth Nh. aka Fun Fecta, Paddle, Fly and Dine. Fly? Whats that you may be thinking… Well its aerial yoga! For all of these Active Lifestyle Retreats we have partnered with a dear friend, aerial yoga instructor, fellow mermaid and what we like to call our retreat guru specialist, Carrie from SolShine Retreats  https://www.solshineretreats.com


Fun- Fecta, Portsmouth NH

Our Next Active Lifestyle Adventure Retreat takes us to Puerto RicoIMG_8615

Many of our adventures will be based on Sup Races and Events, but that activity is part of our “al-la-carte” menu of things to do. The concept behind all of this was to share our love for adventure, travel, the water, discovering places to paddle, continuing to introduce people to paddle, giving back to communities, supporting SUP events, meeting like minded people and creating amazing friendships and memories along the way. To refuel our minds, bodies and spirit with all of the activities we love to share with all of you! And to discover new ones too! Just like our new discovery and love for aerial yoga. After we took our first aerial class with Carrie, we were hooked! We just wanted to hang upside down any chance we could. After a paddling, spinning or any one of our workouts, aerial yoga feels amazing.  Our goal is to be able to paddle, explore, discover, and hang upside in all our adventures that are unique in there own way but the common thread in all of them are exactly what they were created for, the active lifestyle.  To register too join us in Puerto Rico click this link: https://www.solshineretreats.com

After Puerto Rico, Sup East Coast Style Active Lifestyle Adventure Retreats head to Key West for a long weekend.  We have created awesomeness and can’t wait for this one to go live for you all to check out and register for!


Details for our Key West Active Lifestyle Adventure Retreat, the last weekend in April  will be open for regsitration soon.  In the mean time visit https://www.solshineretreats.com

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct
individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

“I am not lucky.  You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky.”

Shonda Rhimes

Well, What do I want to do with rest of my life? Time will only tell and the best is yet to come.










What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

#liveitloveitsupit Adventure Awaits…….



Have you figured out your Valentine’s Day Plans or Gift for the adventurer in your life? Flowers are great, but waking up surrounded by endless tropical gardens, accompanied by the sounds and smell of the ocean is even better. Romance, self care, adventure, exploring, and recharging with like minded people is exactly what we have created for you. Couples, friends, this adventure retreat will empower you to live your truth, become the best version of yourself, and is the best gift you can give to yourself or your partner. Christos has been wanting to do a retreat since day one of the business (7 years ago). The stars have all aligned and he is leading, what we like to call an adventure retreat of all your favorite things. We are headed to Puerto Rico! For more details and to register follow the link….



If you can’t make the time to get away create the essence of relaxation and your love for the water with amazing products that will for sure capture the zen vibes to recharge. Can be purchased online or right at the Sup Boutique. View the Online store for more gift ideas for your Sup Lover.




We also have the most perfect board for the tiny badass in your life! This sweet, sweet board was created just for HER!

❤️9×30 Touring

🍍 PVC/Wood

🧜🏽‍♀️Fast, super light, easy to paddle, fun and SexyAF😍


For him Go BIG!  Book the trip to Puerto Rico……



Otherwise here are some gift ideas we have created for you:  can be purchased online or at the Sup Boutique:


Adventure awaits and is calling your names.  Step outside that comfort zone and give each other what your heart really desires, and then don’t forget the chocolate:)

And last but not least of course we have to celebrate all the sup pups with all the love! We rock our bandanas and so do our SUP PUPS!  (Available online only) for every bandana purchased $1 will be dontaed to the North East Animal Shelter where Miss Lolo💛 is from.





#liveitloveitsupit Adventure Awaits…….

💙We love💙 All season paddling! 🏄❄️☃️🌊

Christos and I know there is so much information out there that sometimes can just be way too much! Well that’s why you have us! Lucky you!!!! We spend lots of time researching and exploring.  Tons of trial and errors, its actaully what we love. So many brands and companies have epic technology land uber amounts of knowledge. We are like sponges and soak it all up. In the past 7 years we have developed some really great relationships, professional and personally with many of the brands we do business with. Wether we have discovered them at expo, met them on an adventure, it’s all a testiment to them and us of how can truly and honestly speak and feel confident  about every item and service our business provides. Now, let us introduce you to badass, amazing waterman, endless amounts of knowledge, and the man that for me hooked on all season paddling,  Danny Mongo.  I personally was a tough, tough sell because if you know me, you know I am a summer lover, beach bum for my first choice for all things sup/surf. But he made me into a believer! I am addicted and get can’t enough! (Thank you🙏🏽)  Now it doesn’t have to be the perfect winter warm day, sun shining and no wind to get me out on the water all year long! With the right gear I’m out there all year long loving it and it’s kinda of my new obsession. I’ve always loved the magic and peacefulness of winter paddling but didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I do now!!!! My perfect magical winter days don’t have to be so perfect to get me out there. With the right  Gear I can keep paddling anytime I want! (Yes please💁🏽❄️☃️👍🏾) After Danny getting me hooked, I asked him to write for our blog and here is what he has to share with all of you!

Enjoy! And then let’s paddle together all year long!


“Basics of dressing for cold weather paddling.
Author- Danny Mongno

A note from the author. So many “educational” reads end up really being an opinion piece. So Danny wanted to be up front, yes… this is another opinion piece. Many paddlers have a system that works for them and they are entitled to their opinion as well. There is no FACT that one method works better than another. This piece will draw from Danny’s lengthy, 30 year experience in the paddle sports industry and as a paddler. So we feel there is some really good stuff in here to make you a more informed paddler, on this topic.

So to start this piece, we must first identify the primary purpose. Staying alive when you are exposed to cold water. Certainly discussions roll on about performance wear and sun wear and they are also important. But at the end of the day hypothermia can set in within 5 minutes in the water temps we see in New England Spring, Fall, Winter, and greatly increase your chance of drowning. We realize who the audience of this piece will be, good, outdoors people who want to enjoy the quiet of nature in the offseason or perhaps to stretch their training season. So yes, there are points on how different clothing options perform for the SUP paddler. But as a community, we must address the very serious risks that we face paddling in cold temps. So before we get too deep into apparel options, let’s look at some easy things we can add to our cold weather paddling to decrease the likely hood of getting in danger.
1) Wear your LEASH. There it is again right? If not dressed properly, you are going to be COLD when you climb back on your board…but at least you were able to quickly access it and get back on.
2) Eliminate risks that you can control. Pick days that do not have wind in the forecast. Choose a location that is more sheltered from wind, as a backup plan. Stay closer to shore. Plan to do several loops, as opposed to one long out and back, so you are closer to your vehicle.
3) Paddle with a partner. If you just can’t, or just don’t want to, leave a float plan with a friend. Where are you putting on, where are you heading? Have a plan to call that person at a prearranged time when you are off the water. If you do call 10 minutes after that time, they should be sending help.
4) Consider a more stable board. Speed is not the goal here, fitness and fun are. If anything, the additional resistance of a wider board can allow you to increase output while decreasing time on the water. More stability can add a great layer of safety in cold temps and allow you to take time to look around with more confidence.

Athletic attire
Training wear designed specific for SUP, or cross over from running or cross country ski, will keep you warm and manage perspiration in cooler temps. These items will generally be less of investment, as we most likely own some already, and be the most comfortable and performance orientated for the high energy expended during stand up paddling. For the person who is 100% committed to the 4 tips we gave at the onset of this article and are very confident in their skills, simple training wear may suffice. However, you have to be honest with in yourself in accessing the risk you are taking. These types of clothes are going to offer little to no insulation against cold water and make swimming very challenging when soaked through. The odds of falling in may be low, but are you willing to accept the outcome if something should happen?

Dry suits
Are by no means going to win you any awards for fashion and at the $700-$1200 price range are not inexpensive. However you will stay dry and depending on the investment you can make, can be highly breathable. A dry suit uses a combination of different materials to create a highly water resistant seal against your neck and wrists. (Waterproof feet are attached to the suit, so no need for a seal there.) Using a waterproof zipper, you close the suit to keep water out. (Most suits also offer a waterproof “relief zipper” as well, allowing you go number 1, without taking the entire suit off.) Underneath, you layer for the temperature of the water. This can be done with higher end fabrics, or as simple as cotton, depending on how well you want to manage perspiration. So as Summer approaches, air temps rise but the coastal waters are still cold. You may wear just a very thin silk weight layer. Winter paddling, full on wool or expedition weight pieces. The suit will be made of some level of breathable fabric and depending on if you want to invest in a 2.5 layer material or 4 layer material, will be the deciding factor in how well the suit manages perspiration for you. (Gortex or Eclipse, are popular 4 layer fabrics you have seen in rain wear or ski clothing. These would lean toward the higher end of the price scale, but also be the most breathable.) Due to the looser fit of a dry suit; paddling is not inhibited in any way. To look at both sides, surfers have NEVER taken to dry suits for a few reasons that do make sense. Since surfers are in the water (even SUP surfers fall in) the in water insulating properties of neoprene makes sense. Surfers are not working that hard, so breathability is not important. The seals on a dry suit (at neck and wrists) are water resistant. The constant submersion that occurs in surfing would allow water in, which in turn would soak the layering worn and make one cold. But that all said, in the end, the dry suit does perform the best for an active paddler, provides the driest safety option and gives lots of options depending on the water and air temperature combo.

With SUP having a history tied to surfing, and many people paddling a SUP for fitness may also SUP surf as well, the neoprene wetsuit has had its place in the sport. It must be told though, that neoprene only insulates when wet and when dry does not breathe. So dragging on your 3×2 or 4×3 to go for a fitness paddle, is going to be a hot and sweaty experience. Even with the amazing technology in today’s wetsuits, they still make them a challenge for the paddling motion, so additional effort is required. Neoprene options are less expensive however, so they can have a place. You just should consider options more for paddling and less for surfing. Thinner layers that are sold as tops and bottoms are available. A favorite piece of paddlers is a zippered top, so you can regulate heat when paddling but zip back up to get warm if you should fall in. Tank top style suits called a “Farmer John” and “Farmer Jane” allow freedom of movement and higher breathability. Paired with a thin wicking layer against the skin and a wind layer over the top, this can be a great lower cost option. Remember though; unlike in a dry suit your feet are at the mercy of the cold water, so get thick boots.

So as we go back to the original purpose of this piece, staying alive when you are exposed to cold water, we feel confident that the 4 sections of this piece can certainly better educate us to be safe. Even if some of this is repetitive for you, or maybe you don’t agree with some of it, it opens up the conversation and creates a discussion on safety when paddling this Fall-Winter-Spring.”

All of these items can be found at the Sup East Coast Style Botique 29 Bridge Street Salem Ma 01970 (rear entrance of Yoga Sakti) You can also purchase from there online store


Thanks Danny Mongo!Danny Mongno-Havasu Creek. Photo Jim Dobbins. 3

And to our Sup Friends, we hope you join in on  all season paddling awesomeness. Wether you just want to get out and enjoy the magic of it all or your looking to train all year long. We have workshops, adventures, retreats, rentals and lessons. We do have gear to demo too! See you on the water.



💙We love💙 All season paddling! 🏄❄️☃️🌊

🖤Black Friday-Cyber Monday🖤



✨Happy Holidays from us to you✨

Did you know that you can shop from the comfort of your on home!  Our online store can be found on our website Www.supeastcoaststyle.com  

Or you can purchase/view items on our FaceBook Store….. YES that convenient✨

Here is a list and gift guide of our Holiday Super Savings we have created for the Sup Lover in your life.

🖤$100 off our NEW Pau Hanu kids board with any Sup board purchase New or Used (Our new kids board is a actual kids price AND comes with a BAG and A Paddle🎁)

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How the rest of the of the “Black Friday-Cyber Monday” deals work in our online store:

Simply Select your purchases, load up your cart and then complete your check out. Once your purchases are complete, You will promptly recieve your “Black Friday-Cyber Monday ” email confirmation, and your rebate will be refunded to the card, at time of purchase.

*You must put “Black Friday-Cyber Monday” in the notes of your purchase to activate/receive your rebate/savings







🖤Black Friday-Cyber Monday🖤

November 25th #shopsmall


“I learned that the richness of life is found in adventure. . . . It develops self-reliance and independence. Life then teems with excitement. There is stagnation only in security.” — William Orville Douglas

Our clients, friends at @DNTUlimit (pictured below) we met through Stand Up Paddle. We have done some great work together and love these two adventure seekers. They purchased RedCo Inflatable Sups from us as it fit there needs for work/life balance perfectly. We have so enjoyed watching there adventures with there Sups! (Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us!)


Inflatbles have come a long way since they first hit the market. At first Christos and I added a few to the fleet but waited as we knew the industry had more then what was first put out. For the past 3-4 years the inflatable scene has grown tremendously along with their products. Our go to lines are RedCo and 360 Go Anywhere. Both lines are fantastic for so many different reasons! RedCo has an incredible full line up. (We are really digging the NEW colors too💜) They have also been a big supporter of my Sup Charity Event, Paddle For Plummer. If you missed the dragon board races, you missed out on way to much fun! The 360 brand is a small operation out of California with a heart of gold. The 360’s are perfect for your kids and your whole family. The size and shapes of the board make it so if you don’t want to just get a kids boards, you don’t have too! These are also super fun surf waves or ride rivers with. The 9’8 was our go to board for summer fun! (Lolo💛 Loved it too!)


With the holiday season right around the corner, we have made everything easy for the adventurer, mermaid and merman in your life. Or maybe you want to join in on all the awesomeness, well we have that covered too! If your anything like our friends @DNUlimit, then the ISups are a perfect option for you,(inflatable boards). Christos and I take them every time we get on a plane! And ladies, if your an over packer you can so use your board bag carrier for some extra whatever!!!!! ISups are also great if living space doesn’t have that much storage space. Our customers also love ISups for for a great board that really complainants the boating community. Easy to have on a boat, great for all your friends and family to use as well as have the kids pile onto!!!  IMG_3130    The board brands that we carry are:

RedCo IMG_3187.JPG

360 Go Anywhere IMG_0839








One IMG_3196.JPG


For the rest of our brands, products and goodies please visit our wesbsite: Www.supeastcoaststyle.com       

You can also shop right from the website in our online store, where you can view everything that we carry on the paddle boutique. Gift cards are available online as well.   If you can’t join us for #Shopsmall Saturday, November 25th, don’t worry! All the deals will be listed online for you this week to purchase on shop small Saturday. (See we told you we made it easy for you💁🏽🕺🏽👍🏾)

If you have caught what we like to call the “SupBug” and don’t just want to paddle in the summer with us….( I know we miss you all too!) We have been running workshops, day or overnight retreats near and far for “off season paddling” What does this mean🤔 paddling in the cold weather months here in New England, and it’s really magical. There’s seal sitings and a stillness of calming energy you simply must experience for yourself! When I used to ski every weekend, the most important thing for me was keeping my feet and hands warm, if those got cold I was done! Same for paddle, you just have to have the right gear!!!! We have a variety of options to fit each individuals needs and budget!

You do not want to miss the sugarplum sparkle that reflects off the  maginifent colors of the sky.  Mother Nature provides so many wonderful gifts for us to enjoy and experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Won’t you join us?

Our reccomended list for all season paddling (also makes great gifts💁🏽❄️🎁)

-Dry Bag (pack a snack!!!!)

-water packs

-Phone/water proof case


-full wet suit for winter paddle/surf

-Mary Jane wetsuit for more paddling (we will set you up with the right layors👍🏾)

-dry suit is (best for Sup paddling and technique)


-bottie socks (we have a few kinds we love)

-gloves (we have a few different to try)

-rash guard (and different ways to layor)

Additional options are various neoprene pants, shirts and jackets made for men and women. And here is some super sexy neoprene and goodies if I do say so myself🏄🏾‍♀️🕺🏽………..

(More on the website and at the boutique)

Boards, gear, goodies and Shop Small Saturday November 25th. We have so much love and gratitude for you all. Thank you for enjoying our products, programs and services. Your support, supports our little family and means the world to us! See you Saturday, 29 bridge street. (Shared space with our friends of Yoga Sakti)

Much Love and Aloha, Christos, Leah and Lolo💛


#ShopSmall Speicals:

-Used boards receive 30% of any paddle

-Paddles 10% off

-New board 10-25% off

-Various SUP Package Specials

-Youth Program early bird registration discounts  (see website/currently only for our Topsfield location)

-All Accessories discounts vary

-Gift card Specials


$50 (value $75)

$150 (value is $200)

$275 (value is $350)

$500 (value $600)

#tistheseason #liveitloveitsupit





November 25th #shopsmall

Fun-Fecta II, Paddle, Fly and Dine

We had so much fun with our day retreat to Portsmouth, New Hamphire that we called  Fun-Fecta that we added a second one! Now we know what you’re thinking, we had an Indian summer and now you couldn’t possibly dream about paddling. Well, if you walk, jog or are active during the winter, which so many of us are, then you might as well add this activity of all season paddling to your list of AWESOMENESS!

First let’s tell you a little about your day. We will paddle the Piscataqua river, which our drop in is in protected area to accommodate all levels of paddling and enjoy  a few miles of Fall Foliage from your paddle board. img_6438

If you can believe it the water is not freezing cold, yet. We haven’t even worn our booties! however we will have a few extra pairs available (limited sizes) or with your reservation we are offering 10% of your bootie purchase! Trust us, your going to want to paddle more once you experience “off season” paddling. In addition to your paddle adventure we will be taking a class with the magical and amazing Carrie. Her aerial yoga classes and workshops are something not to be missed! And the combination of paddle and aerial is truly an amazing day! img_3074


You have either always wanted to try these two awesome activities or you may be thinking these people are nuts hanging upside down and paddling at this time of year. However we will firmly tell you that you would be very very wrong and missing out on something really special that’s right in your own back yard! We choose Portsmouth for our adventure because you can have the best of both worlds. Either drive up and back for the day, or stay over and make it a mini weekend getaway. We also have offered the option to dine. After your amazing paddle and aerial yoga class you have the option to stay and head to downtown Portsmouth to enjoy a meal with your fellow adventurers. We hope you join us this Sunday, November 12th for an incredible day and a truly special experience!IMG_3362.jpgIMG_3298.jpg


We have partnered with https://www.solshineretreats.com/ and Yoga Sakti. To register for this adventure please visit the workshops tab @ www.yogasakti.com 


See you soon

🍍what to  wear?Layers of wic-dry clothing  a change of warms cloths, a hat/beanie is always a great idea at this time of year

🍍towel, water



Fun-Fecta II, Paddle, Fly and Dine

Season is a changing……. 

As summer ends we want to take a minute to thank you ALL  for an incredible 7th season! Each year brings change, growth and endless excitement!!!


Our 2018 calendar is already quickly filling in! Sometimes I think to myself, since  I never got the chance to have or plan a wedding, that this is  what the universe had in store for me! (I’ll take it 🙏🏽🏄🏾‍♀️🌺)

Things come to us, all of us in different ways, we just have to be open to receive the gifts. Being open doesn’t always mean being ready either. I was having a day the other day and then I started working on my endless to do list🙄 What Evolved from that list was this collage of photos. I took a minute, teared up with so much overwhelming joy and gratitude. My bad day started to take a turn. Each one of these faces has helped shape and form SECS and man it has been one hell of a journey! So again we sincerely thank you for allowing us to continue to share our passion and stoke with all of you.

Along with filling in the 2018 Calendar year we have been working on some new projects to share with all of you to get excited about.

We had our first mini-retreat in Portsmouth NH. To say we all had a good time is an understatement. 

We have been asked to book a second one and are working on a date 👍🏾

Also in the calendar are 2 tropical island retreat destinations and a white water river adventure. So much aweomesness we can’t wait to share all of the details!

Our boutique style storefront has been getting some love through a little make-over and we are having an “All things Fall SUP” Workshop October 18th 4-9

Christos will be sharing and teaching about gear, must haves, tips and tricks, the works for all things fall for you all to paddle as much as you want!!! Just by joining us that day you will receive a 10% off shopping coupon.



Our boutique is shared space with Yoga Sakti at 29 Bridge Street, Salem Ma. (Rear entrance) not only can you shop, you can catch a class or maybe explore one of their many wellness treatments. All the more reason why this space was so perfect for us to call home. I teach fitness all year long, because there is no off season in our world and especially for the race team members of SECS.

My new non-summer fitness schedule has just been confirmed and you can catch a class with me:

Tuesday 630pm

Thursday 630pm

Saturday 845am

All of my classes are a $10 drop in rate, it’s best to sign up online @ http://www.yogasakti.com Www.yogasakti.com

However I NEVER say no if you just drop in!!!!

My NEW schedule starts October 17th as this Saturday we are traveling down to the Cape to paddle for Puerto Rico with a fellow mermaid🌺(I’m here tonight Thursday if you are in the mood for a good old fashion ass kicking🏋🏿‍♀️)

For me, it’s more than wearing lulu lemon, the right gear and posting pictures on social media. I literally am obsessed and 💕LOVE💕 motivating people to live a healthy active lifestyle hence #itsalifestyle.  I don’t preach about diets, the best and latest equipment or gear. I literally just want people to be active and empowered with knowledge. Get out there! Try a new class, fall paddling, winter paddling, join our amazing retreat opportunities, take an adventure or workshop with us! Step out of your comfort zone because season 8 is going to be even better!


Season is a changing…….